Brit TV: Foyle’s War Renewed for a New Series

Foyle's War

Great news today for Foyle’s War fans! The show has been renewed for a new ninth series by Acorn Media and ITV.

The new series will begin filming in January 2014 and will air sometime in the UK and US in 2015. They’ve commissioned 3 further feature length episodes.

In his role as a Senior Intelligence Officer for the secret service-MI5 Foyle (Michael Kitchen is returning) continues to be immersed in the dangerous world of espionage at a time in our country’s history when political and foreign governmental relationships were delicately balanced.  Honeysuckle Weeks also returns to her role as Samantha Stewart, Foyle’s trusted associate and ally who successfully navigates the shadowy world of intelligence and dedicatedly assists her former boss as he seeks to uncover the truth of the cases he investigates.

With each episode scripted by creator Anthony Horowitz, he will explore powerful American and German industrialists, the latter from the chemical giant I G Farben, accused of fuelling Hitler’s War Machine, and reflect on the tangled web of promises to the Jews to create a state of Israel in British Palestine. The major blight of post war Britain, the Black Market, will also feature with the focus on some of the darkest secrets from operations conducted by the British secret service during WW2.

We’re really excited about this. Even though we’re sad that Foyle has left the war in the title far behind him, we really enjoyed the last series. Really most of us will happily stare at Michael Kitchen silently reading a book.

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  1. avatar says

    The only shame being is how the original Foyle’s War was abruptly cancelled by the then programmes director, Simon Shaps. This meant the storyline was forced to jump from 1943 to the end of the war leaving out a number of story opportunites. Still, at least enough viewers complained to ITV causing them to resurrect it and carry it forward into 1946 / 1947

  2. avatarMinerva says

    Time stands still for no-one….so why it would for ‘Christopher Foyle’, I don’t know.
    The ‘Cold War’ was the next very logical step to go in…… scary regime replaced by another……..& the British Government had to find new ways (& new people) to fight it. A character like ‘Foyle’ with a wealth of detective experience & working with the general public, would add a very useful dimension to the closed & secret machine of post-war MI5.

    Although the writer has professed the desire to stop writing more ‘Foyle’, I sincerely hope that won’t be the case……….from an entertainment point of view ‘Foyle’ is top of the list, but also the post-war period has some sobering lessons we should learn & remember.

  3. avatardeborah cunningham says

    I would love if Mr. Horowitz pulled out those scripts he had to scrap, and they did Foyle’s War-The Missing Years (almost 2?) Then we could all jump back for one more season into WWII Hastings! (Love it only because Hastings is not really back in WWII-wouldn’t wish that on our British cousins!) But grateful for MORE FOYLE!

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