Brit TV Preview: Mr Selfridge with Jeremy Piven

Mr Selfridge

Opened in 1909 London by a brash American Selfridge’s Department Store was to revolutionize the way Britain’s shopped by using new techniques and outrageous stunts to entice a new era of shoppers. Although it sounds a lot like the BBC’s costume drama The Paradise, Mr Selfridge is a ten-part ITV series based on the true story of Harry Gordon Selfridge.

American actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage) takes on the role of the charming department store mogul. Based on the Lindy Woodhead book Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge and written by Andrew Davies the drama details the true story of the charismatic American’s rise as one of Britain’s most important retailers.

In episode one Selfridge takes on the ambitious scheme to open a magnificently large department store in less than a year. Although he is dealing with immense pressure from employees, investors that abandon him in the last-minute, and a family moving from America to London Selfridge stops at nothing to make his dream come true.

Talking about his character Piven said, “If you’re going to celebrate someone’s life, then you need to celebrate their whole life. We all have a shadow side, and he lives in the light so much professionally, he loved to go out and gamble, it made him feel alive – and he was also susceptible to women… But you know, you can’t judge a man. When you’re playing him, you just got to inhabit it.”

Mr. Selfridge stars Jeremy Piven, Frances O’Connor and Katherine Kelly and airs Sunday nights on ITV, starting January 6th.


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  1. avatar says

    We watched the first episode last night and it was very good. We think it will be the next Downton Abbey. It’s tailor made for an American audience (doesn’t hurt to have an American main character!).

  2. avatar says

    Hi, Jonathan,
    Do you know, can you see this series anywhere on any US
    channel yet or is it internet only now? thanks loads! Sandy

    • avatar says

      Hi Sandy –

      The show will be on PBS in March. So, until then, there’s no where else to watch it. Unless you know how to Bittorrent (which is not legal).