Brit TV Preview: The Mimic – A New Channel 4 Comedy

The Mimic

Martin Hurdel is a run of the mill maintenance man with an extraordinary hidden talent – he’s a mimic. Martin has been stumbling along in a less than average life with a boring job and only a few friends. An ordinary man with a meaningless life he hides his talent for celebrity mimicry from the world opting to only use it for self enjoyment causing concern and delight with his friends.

A past acquaintance re-enters Martin’s life and and along with a shocking secret brings new people and tremendous opportunities. From Morgan Freeman, Richard Attenborough and Christopher Walken his talent for mimicry now becomes his biggest asset as Martin deals with the changes in his life.  Channel 4 said, “The Mimic is not just about Martin’s incredible voices; it’s also a warm, feel-good story about the perplexities of human relationships and how unforeseen surprises can alter the path of life.”

The Mimic airs on Channel 4 starting Wednesday, March 14th.

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