Chuffed to Bits: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch “The Graham Norton Show”

I love Graham Norton.  And I mean love.  I’ve never laughed so hard whilst watching any chat show in my life; I’ve actually had coughing fits from watching the hilarity that ensues!  And this charming, funny, flamboyant, brilliant chap hailing from Cork, Ireland doesn’t just make great telly.  He makes me want to hang out with him.

Graham is my imaginary celebrity gay boyfriend.  I adore him.  I think spending the day in London with Graham—just chewing the fat over a glass of Pinot Grigio and a nice meal, then going shopping in Knightsbridge or people-watching in Trafalgar Square, and capping it all off with a trip to the West End to see a show—would just be heaven on earth.

I watch The Graham Norton Show here in the U.S. on BBC America.  I’ve set my DVR to record every episode that airs, and I think I’ve seen almost all of them at this point.  But it seems that not enough people here in the States are aware of him, and how utterly fantastic his show is.  So here’s my bid to show those who haven’t tuned in to see how marvellous he is exactly what they’re missing.  Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons I think you should watch The Graham Norton Show.

1.   He plays around on the computer.  I know it doesn’t sound like it would be very funny, but believe me, it is.  I’ve discovered some great web sites by watching Graham demonstrate his Internet prowess (i.e. Awkward Family Photos, Cake Wrecks, Upside Down Dogs).  I think the funniest bit was when he showed the magical search powers of Google to guests Robert Downey, Jr. and Ed Byrne.

2.  He has the most eclectic guest line-ups.  Graham always mixes it up by having Hollywood A-listers on the same bill with U.K. legends and sensations, and it never fails to make for highly entertaining television.  Where else can you see 50 Cent sharing a sofa with Catherine Tate and Jimmy Carr?  Or Justin Bieber chatting with Jack Black, Miranda Hart, and John Waters?  And most recently, Vince Vaughn and Diddy (as in the artist formerly known as P. Diddy) giving some, um, relationship advice to English comedienne Sarah Millican.

3.  He has fantastic musical guests. From Paolo Nutini to Dame Shirley Bassey to Tinie Tempah to the Pet Shop Boys, Graham’s got the best of the best.  And many of these guests don’t just perform on the show; they also spend some time chatting with Graham as well, which is always funny.  Check out Michael Bublé’s appearance, for example.

4.  You can learn something whilst being entertained.  Whilst some of Graham’s guests aren’t the brainiest (Read: Katie Price), some of them are brilliant (Read: Stephen Fry).  So whether it’s deep, thought-provoking statements about life from 50 Cent (“Every time you say a prayer and God don’t answer, it’s because he told your ass ‘No!'”) or Harry Potter himself singing the Periodic Table of the Elements, you’re sure to learn something new.

5.  He has a big, red chair.  But this just isn’t any big, red chair.  This chair is for audience members to sit in at the end of each show in a segment he calls That’s All We’ve Got Time For, where they tell Graham and his guests their very best anecdote.  And if Graham isn’t impressed, then away they go.

What’s your favourite moment from The Graham Norton Show?

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  1. avataranglofilet says

    If only our late-night shows were half as funny! Of course, Craig Ferguson comes close to fitting the bill, but he’s reined in by network regulations. I even enjoy watching celebs I care nothing about (JLo, 50-Cent, Justin Beiber). The man can make anyone seem interesting!

    • avatarJeff Songster says

      Just wish the episodes were available on iTunes…. if not that maybe iPlayer, for a reasonable amount…. I don’t subscribe to telly…. just filter feed the US FreeView over the air.

      • avatarAmie says

        I wish they were available on iTunes as well, Jeff! There are several I’d want to have as part of my media collection.

        Thanks so much for reading. :-)

  2. avatarTori says

    I love Graham Norton too.
    I definitely used to prefer his shows on Channel 4 though. He used to be 100 times crazier and more risque before the move to the BBC. 😀

    • avatarAmie says

      Wow, I’m going to have to search YouTube for clips of those old episodes! Thanks so much for reading. :-)

  3. avatarKisha says

    I’ve loved Graham ever since I happened upon his show years ago – he never fails to entertain!

  4. avatar says

    I was at the taping of the Ed Byrne/RDJ show during my last vacation to London. Love Graham!! He’s the best. I miss Jonathan Ross too!

    • avatarAmie says

      You were THERE?! Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous! One of these days, I’ll be there for one of his tapings. Nothing will get me in that red chair, though. 😉

      I miss Jonathan as well. Thanks so much for reading. :-)

      • avatarsandra smith says

        I was fortunate enough in 2009 to attend 4 recordings of the GN show,and even got to sit in the red chair.The blog is right.The Graham Norton Show never fails to entertain,some episodes are funnier than others,probably due to the mix of guests.GN is very good at what he does,as are the team of people that he works with.Have watched his show since he was on channel 4.Love the show and never miss it.

  5. avatarJane Hutchinson says

    i also live in Phoenix ( transplanted Brit.)and watch Graham on BBC America.Thank goodness I can record it every Saturday or I would have no social life!

  6. avatarMarisa says

    I love his groovy intro music, but I miss the crazy intro with the barbie dolls, and a robot—I was always mystified by that.

    • avatarAmie says

      His collection of Barbie dolls has always mystified me as well, Marisa. I guess I haven’t been watching long enough to know what those were/are about. They’re certainly amusing, though. 😉

    • avatarAmie says

      Oh Sandra, I should have known better than to drink hot coffee whilst watching those clips! 😉

      How absolutely fantastic, and completely hilarious! Graham obviously adored you. :-) I certainly hope you’ve recovered from the shock of being tossed back in the chair unexpectedly, and during that round of kilt roulette! Thank you SO much for sharing these links; they made my day. :-)

      • avatarsandra smith says

        yes Amie it was great fun,and a fabulous experience to see the taping of the shows.You must try and get to one when you visit England.You get tickets through a site called Standing Room Only,or SRO for short. Best Wishes,Sandra

  7. avatarLaurie says

    I watch Graham every chance I get. He is absolutely hysterical. I keep telling everyone I know about his show. Thank goodness for BBC America!

    • avatarAmie says

      I’m with you, Laurie; I don’t know what I’d do without it! Thanks very much for reading. :-)

  8. avatarMimi says

    Those were hilarious, ALL of them. He’s so consistently over-the-top laugh-out-loud funny.

    • avatarAmie says

      Sandra, I cracked up for that entire episode- Miriam completely stole the show! She made even Graham blush with her bicycle/soldier story! Thanks so much for sharing the clips of it so those who haven’t seen it can check it out. :-)

  9. avatarFinnola says

    Lovely find other fans!I thought my brain had died after child-rearing, but it was because we only had Dave Letterman and other packaged chats shows to watch here in Australia. They are so bland after watching ‘Cats that sit like humans’. I also discovered Paolo on his show and have been hooked forever!
    What I Iike to watch is the American stars who are used to being the ‘star’ on Letterman, having to sit there while Graham fusses over a popular ‘Local’ who they have no idea about! Look on their faces – priceless!! (See P Diddy!!!)

    • avatarAmie says

      Hi Finnola-

      That Paolo Nutini episode was fantastic- I loved his story about his mother and Kid Rock. 😉

      I enjoy watching the American celebrity guests out of their comfort zone on Graham’s sofa as well. Most of the time, the UK guest ends up stealing the show (see the above clips that Sandra posted featuring Miriam Margolyes)!

      Thanks so much for reading! :-)

  10. avatarmidget jerus says

    Sorry to say American chat shows are so boring with uninteresting celebrities. Grahm Norton is so talented that he makes every show fun and hilarious. He seems in awe of his guests but can bring them down to size as well.British celebrities seem more real and down to earth.When Americans are on they sometimes seem ill at ease as if they dont get the jokes, but Grahm wins them over.My favorite guest is Miranda Hart. She is an incredible talent.

  11. avatarMatthew says

    I agree with you Amie, Graham is such a fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyy guy with a capital F!

    In Australia, it used to air on Saturdays at around 8 to 8:30-ish until it currently moved to Sunday at 9.30pm.

    P.S. He can act as well! He appears in the 2007 LA-set, London filmed comedy, “I Could Never Be Your Woman” starring Michelle Phieffer, Paul Rudd, Tracey Ullman, David Mtchell, Mackenzie Crook, Saoirse Ronan, Olvia Colman and Jon Lovitz.

    Rent it! It’s funny! :)