David Tennant: Much Ado About Nothing Recorded for VOD Release

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in London to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate star in Much Ado About Nothing, you’re in luck – reports have come out that it was recorded during it’s last week on stage so that it can be released on Video On Demand (with a possibility of a DVD release).

Initially, efforts to record the stage show adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing – which had been well reviewed – were rebuffed. But that seems to have changed.

According to Combom:

There were small static high definition cameras on either side of the stage for most performances of this week so it will be interesting to see how they edit it as David missed the performances on Monday and Tuesday due to having lost his voice. The production also uses three different actors for the character Boy. . . .

Productions are offered in Standard Definition, Streaming Video On Demand and High Definition and typically sell for about £8.99.

When we have details of an eventual release – we’ll let you know as soon as we do!


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  1. avatarCatherine says

    It’s not a DVD, it’s download/streaming only, but it’s still good news if they do release it. Please correct your twitter post about it too, wouldn’t want people expecting a DVD.

    • avatarPCJonathan says

      Don’t have a go at either Jonathan Thomas or Combom. It’s not their fault.

      “Productions are offered in Standard Definition, Streaming Video On Demand and High Definition” from http://bit.ly/nqPgcI <<< This implies that there is ONE streaming video and that it would be released in Standard Definition and HD in a different format. This format is NOT said. We were told by Emilie that it was a DVD release. We used all information present at the time to make something that made sense. Please also be aware that there is NO mention of the word "Download" or ANY similar word at all in the post. None of this is CLEAR in ANYWAY so BEFORE you bite other people's heads just remember that it helps if the source posts ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR. So if you want someone to blame for any misconception, look in the mirror. May sound harsh but I feel you are being very unfair and not that considerate.

      Thank You for reading.