Doctor Who: Bad News – Series 6 News – Being Split Into Two Parts

This bad news comes via GallifreyBase – Stephen Moffat has come out and said that the upcoming series 6, due to premiere in spring 2011 – will be split into to two parts.

According to the source:

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Steven Moffat has announced that the next series of Doctor Who will be split in two with a ‘gamechanging’ cliffhanger in episode 7.

“The split series is hugely exciting because viewers will be treated to two premieres, two finales and more event episodes. For the kids it will never be more than a few months to the next Doctor Who! Easter, Autumn, Christmas!!”

The BBC press office describe the split transmission as the result of a request from Steven Moffat to write a new Doctor Who story arc which involves a big plot twist in the middle of the series. “By splitting the series Moffat plans to give viewers one of the most exciting Doctor Who cliffhangers and plot twists ever, leaving them waiting, on the edge of their seats, until the autumn to find out what happens.”

Of course, they’re spinning this as a good thing – more Doctor Who through more of the year! But the trade-off is that we’ll be hit with an annoying cliffhanger and be forced to wait for Doctor Who to come back – which is hard enough already since we spend most of the year without it.

Any fan of a show on the SyFy channel will understand how awful season splits are. Lets hope the BBC does it right and the gap isn’t too long.


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  1. avatarAlex says

    However everyone seems to be missing the point that Moffatt requested this. That’s a lot different than the network saying “OK, let’s break here” which is what usually happens. So if it works creatively for the show, I don’t see the problem. And also Moffatt said there won’t be huge gaps between the sections and if you read his statement again he pretty much also confirmed another Christmas special too.

    The only question is the impact on North American broadcasts – will BBC America and Space decide to wait to show all 13 episodes at once or will they agree to the short sections.

    Otherwise I’m reserving judgement as to whether this is “bad news” until after I see the season and determine whether the mid-season cliffhanger is going to be worth it. And if this is one-time situation perhaps being used as a transition to a (more acceptable IMO) fall broadcast for the full season, then all the better.

    • avatarJohanna says

      i agree with the having it start in the fall bit. :) (it is a bit amusing though to see a show supposedly set in the spring/summer time and you can see their breath because it’s cold lol)

    • avatarAndrew says

      Doctor Who needs to be shown in the Autumn. This over the Summer nonsense is not doing the show any favours. Hopefully, it will from then on remain an Autumn premiere, rather than one from earlier in the year.

      This will then avoid it having to be moved for Eurovision, Football Tournaments, your Granny sneezing etc.

      • avatarMike says

        The show doesn’t need any favors… It has a huge fan base in both Britain and America, and It has been going on for 36 seasons…

    • avatarNathan says

      Apparently they are ending the first 7 episodes in July and the other 7 begins at autumn then it’s 1 month to the Christmas Special (the Christmas Special hasen’t been confirmed yet!!)

  2. avatar says

    how can it be more Dr Who? It will be the same amount. It’s like the BST argument and more daylight. You can’t make daylight and if a normal series of Dr who is say 14 episodes, this will be show in 2 lots of 7 – the same amount. Channel 4 did it this year with Time Team. They should either run the series through with 14 episodes or maybe cut it to 10 episodes and then 2 series a year – now THAT would give us more Dr Who!!!

  3. avatarJohanna says

    So now DW is going to be like all of my other favourite shows on the telly…I freaking hate SyFy and it’s spreading out of a series a half a year to sometimes a full YEAR (i.e. BSG) I don’t care if Moff did “request” it….it’s still annoying, sure it would be the same amount of shows, but I don’t see the reason why all of these series are doing this now…just show the run the full way through. As for the whole cliffhanger part…I’m not even going to think about that…besides I’m still on the fence with the series still, even though I loved several of the show’s stories this past season/series. In answer/speculation to the question about BBCA showing it, knowing them they’ll probably wait and show the whole thing at once….:(

  4. avatarchuck - USA says

    Seems to me bbc is making the split to coincide with torchwood which I believe is scheduled for a summer release on stars/bbc and may leave room for a ***wait for it **** CROSSOVER! !!!!!!! THINK OF THE EPICNESS

    • avatarJenny says

      Well, let’s hope they give us some of that then Chuck (I agree, that would be pure epicness :)). Because I am not too happy about this insane hiatus idea. It feels like we’ve been waiting long enough already…

  5. avatarNoel says

    I think its a good idea. I like it when the series plays half a season then takes a break. They do it a lot here in the U.S. I’m torn though because I think in a lot of cases a major cliffhanger then a long break looses the audience on that story. (They do it with Criminal Minds and it kind of looses the plot.) But I hate how we have a nice summer of Doctor Who then absolutely nothing till Christmas so having Doctor Who playing while I’m in school again to keep some saneness would be awesome! And if Moffat asked for it then I think its a great shot. I’m all in!

  6. avatarOhio Girl says

    This is certainly not good news. SYFY (formerly Sci Fi) has been doing this type of thing for ages – to the chagrin of their viewers. Or Ex-viewers…. Here’s hoping that this split malarky will bring us a bit more Who, rather than less. (Is the glass half full or half empty???) I hope he’s not planning on doing this type of thing often.

  7. avatarTim says

    Well look on the bright side people at least we have a highly anticipated series coming up! I mean they’re going to do what they want, despite how much people complain. So, you can either whine and mope or look on the bright side and get excited for another series, even better than the last Doctor Who.

  8. avatarCharlie Gough says

    Everybody keeps on saying that series 6 starts in Spring 2011, Why can’t they just tell us a date in Spring so that we know exactly how long we have to wait until episode 1. That would make it so much easier for Doctor Who Fans don’t you agree?

  9. avatarJessi says

    “Spring” 2011 – I hate it when they say this too. Up here in Canada, “Spring” can mean bloody june.

    I think the split is a good idea. Then we don’t have to wait so long in between. It also means there’s going to be lots of cool plot stuff going on. Sometimes the normal run of a 14 episode season is so predictable, it’s nice to alter the pace a bit.

  10. avatarLegend-11 says

    Oooh, oooh…mid-season hiatus! How very F’ING AMERICAN OF YOU, BBC!?! :(

    Doctor Who and the BBC, along with a nice cup of tea they’re the last bastions of all that is English… and you go and do this!? :'(