Doctor Who: Series 6 Episode 10 Review – The Girl Who Waited – SPOILER FREE!!!

This week we have the pleasure of another standalone episode of Doctor Who but also the pleasure of an Amy centered episode.

The team arrives on an unpronounceable planet and Amy gets separated into a separate time stream. Locked into a quarantine that would kill the Doctor if he tried to rescue her.

So he sends Rory to the rescue with special glasses, creating the tagline that will make spectacle wearers world wide rejoice: “Glasses are cool.”

My first gripe with this episode was within the first ten minutes. I get that Matt Smith plays the Doctor rather manically but sometimes I wish the Doctor would slow when when explaining things… Despite explaining what was going on – I was still rather lost because the infodump just poured out of his mouth (it didn’t help that Anglotopia Jr. was crying at the same time).

Rory eventually finds Amy but it’s not the Amy he’s looking for. It’s an older, Cougar version of Amy that’s been trapped in the facility for 36 years and is not very happy about it.

Doctor always being late is a key point in this episode and without giving too much away of what happens, Rory is faced with a stark choice. While this episode was billed as heartbreaking, it didn’t really affect me like that and I’m a softie. All I’ll say is that Rory is presented with an interesting temporal problem.

My favorite line of the episode is when Rory says to the Doctor “You’re turning me into you.”

Karen Gillan is great in this episode, playing her normal Amy but also playing a much older and wiser version of herself. They aged her well! Even Rory was still smitten by future Amy!

I think the ending to the episode was a little weak and it missed the mark for the emotional pay off they were shooting for. Still, it was an enjoyable episode – especially seeing Amy be so resourceful and kicking butt – she’s often portrayed as the beautiful damsel without much brains, but this episode reinforces what a force of nature Amy Pond is.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

What did you think of The Girl Who Waited? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatarSara says

    Hey! Thanks for the non-spoiler review! I always love reading them.

    I find it interesting that you didn’t react emotionally to this episode; that is was missing something. Because, for me, I couldn’t stop crying. Apparently, it hit every note. The interesting thing is that I am not a softie. I almost never cry watching Doctor Who. I can really only think of two times: when the 10th Doctor dies, and when Donna’s memories are erased. In all honesty, I am pretty much a rock. This episode, though, it broke me into little pieces, and I was trying to wipe away my tears so I could actually see the episode.

    It wasn’t Amy the elder who made me sad (I mean she did a little), but it was Rory. Rory having to choose, having to live with that choice. His line of, “It’s not fair,” is what broke me. That feeling of helplessness I think was done beautifully by Arthur Darvill. I always thought Amy was my favorite, but after this episode in particular it has to be Rory. I mean, it has to be! (…or maybe River! Ugh! I can never choose!)

    Anyway, thought I should throw in my two cents because, you know, I can! Ha!

    Just wanted to say that I love anglotopia. I always come here for my Doctor Who news and reviews. You guys do a fantastic job!

  2. avataranglofilet says

    I am so with you Sara! I’m not a crybaby and I’ve also only teared up a very few times too (10th’s regeneration, Amy telling baby Melody about her dad). But Rory broke my heart with his plea for the Doctor’s mercy. I did think the final scene seemed cut short which made it feel awkward. I think he is my favorite companion now as well, which is saying a lot because I really liked Donna!