Doctor Who: Series 6 – Episode 12 Review – Closing Time – James Corden Guest Star

This week draws to a close the single story episodes we’ve had for the past few weeks but we also get slipped back into the overall season long story arc at the end.

Closing Time sees the return of Craig played by James Corden from one of the best episodes of the last series. It’s a few years later and happily Sophie and Craig are married with a baby.

It’s clear from the beginning that the Cyberman are the baddie of the week and they provide a good diversion from previous villains this season. It’s good to see an old school Doctor Who baddie again.

It’s also very clear that the Doctor in the episode is much older and wiser than the Doctor in the previous episode and we soon learn that this story takes place a couple days before his ‘fixed point in time’ scheduled death of the Doctor. That would make him about 200 years older than the last episode – makes one wonder what stories we missed in those 200 years!

The star of this episode is Craig’s baby named Arthur – whom – according to the Doctor prefers the name Stormageddon – Dark Lord of All. As a new parent, I found this particularly hilarious. I enjoyed the baby as a main character and it made me a little sad that Anglotopia Jr was down for his nap. Can’t wait until he’s older and I can show him Doctor Who!

There are quite a few surprises in the episode including a cameo by Amy and Rory. I don’t consider this a Spoiler as they don’t figure in the plot.

Once the story is wrapped in a a nice bow, the overall story arc of the season kicks into gear. I will not give away what happens but we finally learn who’s in the astronaut suit and a few more dots in the puzzle are put together.

Really can’t wait to next week!

What did you think of Closing Time? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatarBrendan says

    really enjoyed this episode myself, some great classic who references and some excelllent dialogue :)

    small nitpick the baby was named Alfie :)