Doctor Who: Series 7 – Episode 7 – The Bells of St John Review – Light SPOILERS!!!


Doctor Who is back on good form.

Now that the show runners have finally shed the Pond’s completely, the Doctor is primed for a fresh start and he starts off with a bang in The Bells of St. John.

The episodes starts off in the distant past where it turns out the Doctor is hiding again, this time as a monk in ancient Wales. It wouldn’t be Doctor Who without him being drawn to a woman – and

it doesn’t take long for him to arrive in Clara Oswald’s life after the aforementioned bells start ringing (which is the phone in the TARDIS).

The first verdict – and it won’t be much of a surprise – but I love Clara. She’s an excellent new companion. Amy was a great companion but she always lacked the whimsy and adventure of Rose Tyler. Clara brings it back – and sheds the aura of seriousness that always hovered around Amy Pond.

It’s doesn’t hurt that Jenna-Louise Coleman is beautiful. There’s an attraction between the Doctor and Clara that we haven’t seen the Doctor have in years (at least since Rory became a companion). Jenna-Louise is brilliant in the role and provides plenty of sexiness and comic relief. She and Matt Smith have great on-screen chemistry.

The premise of the episode is brilliant, taking something that we take for granted in our everyday lives (Wi-Fi) and turning it into something sinister – which is the recipe for the perfect Doctor Who episode. This episode takes place in London and we get plenty of London scenery including the ‘bad guy’ being based in The Shard, London’s beautiful new skyscraper.

The episode certainly doesn’t have a surprising conclusion but this is Doctor Who after all, he always wins. I love the new opening titles which hark back to Classic Who. Overall a very enjoyable episode and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about Doctor Who and can’t wait to see where Moffat and company takes us this series.

What did you think of The Bells of St John? Let us know in the comments?

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  1. avatarHirsute Hominid says

    I was very pleased with the new episode as well as the new Companion. Clara is amazingly fun, beautiful, spunky – just all of the positive adjectives. I wasn’t thrilled with the whole wifi plot, as it was rather silly even by Doctor Who standards. Still the adventure was fun, filled with comedy, and it was a pleasure to see the Doctor making a new friend for the first time in years. I’m quite looking forward to the rest of this season, and whether or not the mystery of the multiple Claras is ever cleared up doesn’t even bother me.

  2. avatarNick says

    Anyone else notice how the book in the beggining was written by Amelia Williams?! and Chapter 11 was the “BEST” chapter?! so many hints to awesomeness

  3. avatarLee says

    Cumbria isn’t ancient Wales,but the bit of N W England [renamed in the 1970’s from Cumberland] that contains the Lake District.

    Maybe you are thinking of ‘Cambria’?

    I have a funny feeling the landscape scene with the monanstry was filmed in Wales,though.