Doctor Who: When Will Series Six Air in the USA and UK?

One of the biggest questions we’re getting right now is when will the latest series of Doctor Who premiere – both in the U.K. and the U.S.A.?

All we know so far is that Series 6 will premiere sometime in the spring, probably in April around Easter.

We’re starting to hear rumblings that the Doctor Who premiere dates have been leaked out.

This is just a rumor at this stage, but we think it’s pretty credible: Doctor Who series 6 will premiere on BBC One on April 23rd with part one of a two-parter. Rumors are also saying that episode two — part two of said two-parter — will air the next day.

No word yet on when it will begin airing in the U.S.A. But hopefully BBC America will continue to air it shortly after the U.K. — possibly the same day as they did with the Christmas Special. However, there’s a good chance they’ll hold the new series until they have all the episodes in series 6 which won’t finish airing until the fall of 2011 (the season is being split in two). We’ll see.

UPDATE 3/9/11: It’s official – Doctor Who Series 6 will premiere in the USA on April 23rd on BBC America at 9/8 EST – the same day as the UK. The countdown begins!

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  1. avatarAlex says

    While the April 23 start date makes sense, since the BBC keeps saying Easter and, well, Easter is April 24, I can’t see them airing part 2 the next day. Unless the day starts with “Christmas” Doctor Who never airs on a Sunday, and for them to do so would I think be an unacceptable ratings risk because old habits die hard over there. Plus, they’re only running 6 or 7 episodes in the spring season – why make the opportunities for promotion shorter? They might as well air the thing nightly for a week and get it over with if that’s the plan. Also, the big news this year is the BBC and BBC America are supposed to be synchronising their broadcasts (at least that was the most recent word from BBCA a couple months back) and weekly broadcasts seem more likely to work in that regard.

  2. avatarMadison Berry says

    I don’t see why BBC would be more likely to wait until they were done airing S6 to show it in the US – they aired S5 on just a two week delay, and the Christmas specials at the end of the Tennant era on a one day delay, I think? I would love if they managed same-day like with the Christmas special, but I’d say a two-week maximum isn’t a strange thought.

    • avatar says

      Well, from a network programming perspective, I’m sure they’d rather air 13 episodes of a show at one time rather than 6 or 7. BBC America does a lot of things that don’t make sense in reality.

      • avatarBarb says

        Don’t even start. I refuse to watch BBC-A for any reason whatsoever (not since the last airing of Wire in the Blood years ago) until they become a Brit-TV channel again which I doubt will happen (I miss the first couple of years when they started when they had a nice array of shows including Eastenders). I’ll continue with seeing my DW (as much as I don’t enjoy the series anymore) by other venues and get the Blu-rays when they are released.

    • avatar says

      The problem with BBCA not airing the episodes concurrently with BBC is specifically the Doctor Who demographic in the United States. While Doctor Who surely appeals to a wide audience, it also directly appeals to the audience that is savvy in using “other means” to get the episodes as they air rather than wait for a delayed release.

      I’m one of them. I won’t wait two weeks or two months to watch the opening of series 6. I’ll be watching it the week it airs on the BBC one way or the other…

      • avatarBrian says

        I am in the same boat. I am not waiting if they don’t air the same day. I didn’t wait last season and won’t this one if they do it the same way again. The bonus is no commercials.

      • avatarMoonChild02 says

        Ditto. I actually only started watching the reruns on BBC America because I wanted to be refreshed for when it comes back on this Spring. When the new episodes air on BBC One, and the episodes are delayed for the US, I watch it online. Same goes for all of my friends who watch it (I have at least 20 – my entire Renaissance Guild watches it).

  3. avatarGarry Jantzen says

    BBCA? Airing Star Trek? James Bond movies (well, at least there’s a British connection there) That alone should turn anyone off! Nothing against
    Star Trek, just that I’ve lived in Britain – I KNOW they do have enough programming to fill up a day or two! No need to fillup time with US movies and TV shows! ARgggghhhh!