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So I don’t really need to remind you that next week is THE week, do I? Didn’t think so!

However, I will say that the start of a new season is pretty fun. There is such an excitement that builds to the event, and then it begins and the roller coaster ride has begun. We’ve been lucky as Who fans to have some great season openers in recent years. However, this year is pretty big, maybe the biggest in the history of the show! I am so excited!

I do have to say, though, that most of the preview photos from the new series have this sort of glossy, fashion magazine aspect to them that I am not sure I like. I’ll give them a free pass on this for now since the on-screen “product” created is so good. Alas, this is just one part of the machine that promotes it. But it still is way too shiny. This may indeed have been the case with all of the classic series, but I was just too young to really notice.


The Doctor Who U.S. tour is going well. Screenings in New York and Brooklyn were smash hits, and Chicago’s event this weekend will undoubtedly be one as well! I know they did something like this last year, but I am still awed that the cult TV show I loved as a kid has blown up in such a massive way! Winning!

During an interview in New York, Steven Moffat commented that he has “something big planned” for the 50th Anniversary in 2013. I would assume a multi-Doctor story is possible, but I grin when I think of all the possibilities that his creative team could unleash.

Some news from this week!

The big rumor is that the season will indeed feature the 11th Doctor from the future as well as from the present. A timey wimey sort of plot that involves him freeing himself from some sort of freezing process a la Han Solo. He also gets cloned!

The fez is back!

Neil Gaiman’s story does indeed appear to be connected to the Troughton-era serial, The War Games.

Finally, yes someone is gonna die!

Here is a promo picture from The Rebel Flesh. The story takes place in the 22nd century. (Thanks to Blogtor Who for these shots)

Here is a snazzy one from Curse Of The Black Spot


This week the BBC announced the official return of the Cybermen for season 6. it appears as though we will get the old school Cybermen from space along with Earth-made Cybermen introduced in the new series.


Here is a collection of news about former Doctors!


Here’s a picture of the promo poster for the remake of Fright Night, which features David Tennant as a Vegas magician. The film hits theaters this October.


Tennant’s father-in-law, Peter Davison, turned 60 this week. It’s really hard to envision the youthful 5th Doctor turning 60! Two of Davison’s stories, Kinda and Snakedance, were released this week (in North America) on DVD. The Mara Tales Box Set is pretty nice. Both DVDs feature wonderful commentaries, deleted scenes, and information. I love a few things about these stories. With Kinda, I remember how fresh and new the Fifth Doctor was and how different this story was from the rest of season 19. With Snakedance, I cannot forget Martin Clunes’ over-the-top performance. I wish he was on the commentary. In the case of both stories, I found it great to see Janet Fielding really get to feature her acting chops. Until her final story, these were the only two times she really got to carry a story and highlight her talent. I also loved the really ghastly CGI they used for these stories. Despite that, beneath all of the Buddhist mumbo jumbo, they managed to make the Mara pretty scary.


Christopher Eccleston is joining Stephen Rea in the new BBC thriller ram, The Shadow Line. The series is rumored to be rooted in moral ambiguity and is said to feature some pretty intense scenes. (Photo courtesy of BBC pictures and Blogtor Who)


Paul McGann recently appeared in the series finale of Waking the Dead. The series ran for 11 years on BBC1. McGann played a character named Tony Nicholson. McGann will be seen on stage from June-August in a production of Butley at the Duchess Theare in London.



Rumors continue to circulate that Catherine Tate may replace Steve Carell in The Office. This would be brilliant. I can think of no one else more deserving of a chance to kick ass on American telly than her.


If you live near Atlanta and want to get your Doctor Who fix on, then check out Time Gate from May 27-29, 2011. The convention features guests Sophie Aldred (Ace) along with Andrew Cartmel (former script editor) and McCoy-era writer Ben Aaronovitch. For more information visit


This Saturday is Record Store Day, a celebration of the independent record store. To commemorate this event, lots of record labels release collectible vinyl for music fans. This year, Doctor Who joins the mayhem and bedlam of Record Store Day! A special 7″ EP with music taken from the scores of the two 1960s Peter Cushing Dalek films is being released along with a super special mini adventure version of Dalek’s Invasion Earth 2150 featuring the voice of Peter Cushing. A second release features a version of the Doctor Who theme recorded by the Smerins Anti Social Club.

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BBC  Worldwide has reached an agreement with Canada’s Space network to air Torchwood: Miracle Day in Canada.

The cast had a read-through for Episode 10 this week. Work has begun on that episode.

Some information has emerged on the lead in to Miracle Day. Captain Jack is back on Earth and is keeping an eye on Gwyn from a distance. He is still emotionally scarred from the events in Children of Earth. It also has been revealed Jack will have his usual array of sexual dalliances during the season.

The final Mix for Episode 1 is in the can.

Finally, a special note to STARZ. It would be a great idea for you (Starz) to not pull the Torchwood teaser trailer from every site you find it on. You are launching a new show on your network, and you want a good buzz for it, so please don’t be asses and cheat the fans who will have to pay money to watch your network! Don’t piss them  off — they can get it from other places! Otherwise, thanks for bringing the show to the U.S.A. Carry on!



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  1. avatarDavros Lives says

    The ‘Fright Night’ poster isn’t real, it was made by a David Tennant fan named Sarah (Seduff) on Twitter. It’s a promo from The Matrix with David’s head photoshopped on it.

  2. avatarbex says

    just fyi- the Fright Night poster is a fan manipulation. it is not the official poster. look in the bottom right corner and you’ll see the artists name ‘seduff’

    i’m sure it’s WAY better than what the movie company will come up with, especially for Tennant fans, since we’ll be lucky if he’s even on the poster, let alone front and center like that…

    • avatarMichelle says

      Bummer. I didn’t look close enough. I was happy for DT. We’ll see what happens I guess.