Downton Abbey: 5 Ways to Watch Downton Abbey Series 4 in the USA Before it Airs on PBS in January

This article has been removed due to the advice from Anglotopia’s Legal Counsel. Telling you where to watch Downton Abbey before it airs in the USA is a violation of Copyright law.


  1. avatarKathy says

    I can personally attest to the value of a VPN service. We use the pro version of, which costs anywhere from $12 for 1 month, up to $78 for a year.

    You can also try the Hola Unblocker add-on/extension, which is free and works to block your IP address at the browser level (Chrome or Firefox).

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. avatarMary says

    I used the tele for one day of service (birthday treat) and it worked really well. Plus I liked Coronation Street and they put it up on Hulu like a week later – huzzah!

  3. avatarLee Brown says

    It must drive people crazy that these things are not broadcast around the world on the same day – Dr Who ended up being pirated so badly that the broadcasters were forced to do this. The world has changed, we are now all one big internet village. It’s time the national broadcasters realised this.

    Having just watched the first episode of the new series, I have to say it was very enjoyable and well up to standard. The last scene especially memorable. It is well worth waiting for!

  4. avatarMary Ward says

    Tunnelbear is a great VPN service. I listen to BBC radio broadcasts, watch the telly, all from the comfort of my home. The BBC offers subtitles on most shows also. I love the radio drama’s, relax with a cuppa, maybe nod off a time or two.

    All in all, its tops to be in the UK (by whatever means possible!)

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