Downton Abbey Series 2 – Episode 5 Review

The real consequences of World War I finally hit the Crawleys personally – and their staff as well in a heartbreaking episode of Downton Abbey.

As usual, we made use of to watch season 2 episode 6 of Downton Abbey. So worth the money to not have to wait until January!

The Bates/Anna storyline continues its slow resolve and Mrs. Bates gets dispatched in a rather surprising way but I’m sure we’re haven’t heard the last from the Pamuk love affair. That story, though, is rather minor compared to what else is going on in the house.

Both Matthew and William get gravely injured in the war and both come home. I don’t want to give too much away of what’s happened to them but in both their cases it’s not good. It’s especially not good for Matthew – whom will never be the same.

I don’t want to give more away but I’m proud of Daisy for sticking with it and doing the right thing. She finally realized that it was never about her – it was about William.

Despite Sir Richard coming into to rescue Mary from herself, I really don’t trust him nor like him and I don’t think we’re meant to. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the weeks ahead.

This episode ends with a heartbreaking wedding but I won’t say for who. The wife and I were almost in tears a couple times.

The pacing was a little off again in this episode but that may simply be because we have to watch it with commercials. We’re now firmly in the second half the season and while it would have been nice for nothing to change in the show – things are quite different and will be forever changed.

Can’t wait for next week as usual!

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  1. avatarFiz says

    I’ve still got wet eyes. I’m sure you know why, but I don’t want to spoil it for others. I watched an episode of Law and Order SUV series 13 which was aired for the first time in the UK after, but I’m still thinking about what happened in Downton.

  2. avatarTimmy says

    It looks like a prequel to Lady Chatterley’s Lover for Matthew & Mary. And really, the makeup dept could have done much better with William …. they could have borrowed All Quiet on the Western front (1979) for ideas as to terminal death scenes.

    It’s all getting rather tiresome with Branson & Sybil, no smouldering looks and unrequited love as in Pride & Prejudice. Yawnnn…

    And unless Bates actually starts to put his hand up Anna’s skirt, this romance is going to put me to sleep too. Zzzzzz..

    If the romances are a little wanting then at least Fellowes should provide comic relief with Maggie Smith who shines in every scene. Or a few more naughty scenes with Edith …..

    Season 2 started out well enough but it’s trailing off in the middle and there’s less & less reasons to even anticipate the end…

  3. avatarConstance R says

    Disagree re: Lady Sybil and Branson. Their on set chemistry is palpable. Wish he could be given a role as hero, a la ,a G.A. Henty character-type, to win the day.

  4. avatarKKMalaysia says

    I think that probably Mary will ended up marrying Sir Richard although i haven’t watch this episode in season 2. But i pretty sure that Sybil’s character is similar to Fanny in Mansfield Park and Branson’s like Henry Crawford. In Mansfield Park, Henry will keep on showing his effection towards Fanny but the later will rejected his proposal because she is in love with Edmund. Matthew’s character is as same as Edmund and Mary’s one is similar to Mary Crawford. I think, Matthew will ended up marrying Sybil in the end.