Downton Abbey – Series 2 Episode 7 Review – Light SPOILERS!!!

It’s now 1919 and our characters are trying to get back to normal after the turmoil of The Great War. As normal as normal can be. But everyone has been changed by the war, including the dowdy Dowager Countess.

I don’t want to give away what happened to Mrs. Bates for the sake of American fans who won’t see it until January – so I’ll leave that topic well alone but we haven’t seen the last of that plot thread and it goes down a new route.

Lord Grantham finds himself tempted by the help. I’m a little disappointed that they take him down the route – but it rather makes sense because his character feels lost and out of control in the new post war world.

Sir Richard is back on the scene and he’s as shady as ever. He’s makes it ever more clear that he’s not a man of principle and this does not impress Mr. Carson who changes his mind about a major decision. I feel bad for Mr. Carson as Lady Mary says some rather hurtful things to him in exchange – something she just loves to do when she doesn’t get her way.

Lady Cybil and Branson get up to no good – predictable no good but I just don’t see the chemistry between them so I don’t see how it’s going to work. Matthew’s situation doesn’t appear to be as dire as everyone thought it would be – which is good but I won’t spoil it further.

There were a few moments that bordered on soap opera when the grandparents of Ehtel’s illegitimate child come onto the scene. Thomas has a new scheme to make a life for himself and it had a rather interesting conclusion.

The most surprising scene of the episode is when the Dowager Countess reveals herself to be an old romantic.

We have one more episode to go before this second series of Downton Abbey is over and many of the season’s plots are starting to wrap up. I hope they save a few for the Downton Abbey Christmas special!

What did you think of Downton Abbey Series 2 Episode 7? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatar says

    I enjoy Downton Abbey and I do hope it goes into a thrid series. I would love to see how the family progress through the twenty’s and thirties. With their, relationships. Edith has mellowed and I rather like her now, But Lady Mary, is my favourite. Yes the adverts are annoying and they do irritate when your engrossed in the that part of the programme. But it’s not the Beeb and the revenue has to come from somewhere. It’s just griting your teeth and wait for the next half to start.

  2. avatartoughcookie says

    Although I haven’t missed an episode, I find the series lacks substance. It’s being described here as a “soap with big hats” and I agree with this description to a large extent. It’s being aimed at a larger audience who wouldn’t normally go for a period drama. The story-lines are getting more bizarre by the minute, but as there is very little quality television available, I have make the best of it, not least because the cast has some fine actors, although some of them seem a little bit confused by the meandering plot lines. It’s very predictable and I have my own prediction for the final episode, but I won’t give anything away here.
    Shropshire, England

  3. avatar says

    Fellowes needs to revisit Gosford Park to rediscover his metier which sold so well… i.e the relationship & class struggles mixed in with the unwoven threads of a whodunnit. Because it’s all getting too much like American type Dallas soap opera now….sibling rivalries, convoluted relationships, will he-will she questions and of course the cliffhanger…who shot JR…sorry….who snuffs it in the season finale!!

    I wish he would focus more on the historical class differences, settings, costumes and the changing society in the 1920’s as the major themes with less soap opera drama because it is really degenerating fast into Days of our Lives type episodes and I’m about to fall asleep.