Downton Abbey – Series 2 – Episode 8 Series Finale Review – LIGHT SPOILERS!!!

Well, here we are at the end of this eight week long journey. We’ve been through war and peace and now we’re left with some rather interesting turns in Downton Abbey.

As usual we used our favorite service, to watch Downton Abbey live as it aired in the UK.

We’ve been treated to a full 90 minutes of the Crawley family dramas – all of which are either resolved or go off in new directions.

The tease this week was that there would be a wedding but much happens and with so many plot points, it’s a big question as to who will actually get married this weekend. You will be happy with the result.

The Spanish Influenza strikes several at Downton and actually kills a main character – you will be quite surprised as to who it ends up being. You’ll also be quite disappointed as to the results of the ensuing aftermath. The way the flu strikes it almost feels like a zombie apocalypse movie – Julian Fellowes would be able to write a passable pandemic story in it’s own right.

Branson & Cybil are determined to go off on their own course together, much to the dismay of Lord Grantham.

My favorite line of the episode is when Lord Grantham utters, “If you’re turning American on me I’m going downstairs.” Classic. Even the Dowager can’t top that (thought she has a few gems this episode).

There are many surprises in the Downton Abbey series 2 final episode and I didn’t see many of them coming – but there were quite a few that you can see coming a mile away. The world they live in has changed very much in the last few years.

The episode ends on a not so shocking cliffhanger, which hopefully we’ll see resolved in the upcoming Downton Abbey Christmas special. We’ve got a few weeks until the Christmas special and then that’s it for Downton Abbey until series 3 airs in September 2012.

Americans will be able to see Downton Abbey series 2 on PBS starting in January. It’s well worth watching.

What did you think of the series 2 finale of Downton Abbey? Let us know in the comments! And try to keep the SPOILERS to a minimum for the American who won’t see it until January.

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  1. avatar says

    Oh, for heaven’s sake..why Lavinia?? I was just getting used to that adorably cute face. The entire original cast is William who is buried & gone. And finally some action btwn Bates & Anna …I despaired of him ever “rising” to the challenge. But that sappy repeat Mathhew & Mary scene from S1 finale was really too much. I’ll be sooo glad to see Mary married off to Richard Carlisle and let’s start to explore the Edith character more. Sybil & Branson…yawn! The 3 sisters are of course modelled on the Mitford sisters and Spencer Girls as well during the 1920-30’s (go look them up in Wikipedia yourselves) And the prim & proper Lord Grantham stealing kisses in the next room while his wife lay dying….disgusting I thought! Whatever was Fellowes thinking!!

    So glad also to see the Thomas & O’Brien characters coming into focus more. Yes, a return to basics in Season 3 with upstairs-downstairs plots highlighting the changing times and values would be better than the vulgar American Dallas type intriques and characters in S2. A murder a la Gosford Park might sit better…wait for the Xmas Special now…..

  2. avatarDominique says

    I’ve been waiting for Lavinia to be out of the picture it feels like forever! Carlisle is a brute and I hope he gets told off…Matthew and Mary belong together! I wish they would also focus on Thomas less…I hate that guy. More Edith!!

  3. avatarRosie says

    Poor Lavinia. She really got the short end of the stick over the tiresome romance known as Matthew and Mary. She deserved a lot better.

  4. avatarmary says

    This series is so poorly written with no character development, just lots of stuff happening. I opted out after a couple of episodes of season one.