Brit Knits: Downton Abbey Fashion, Sybil’s Sweater


Downton Abbey, the show is amazing and even better than the show itself is the fashion. The female characters are dressed so ladylike and graceful. I almost wish we could still dress like that today. Then I come quickly to my senses at the thought of being pinched and pulled into a tightly fitted corset.  Ivete Tecedor from the website Chiagu, has found the best of both worlds, a way to wear Downton fashion without all of the pain. She has re-created on of Sybil’s beautiful sweaters.

Ivete is a freelance knitwear designer and web developer living in NYC with her adorable dachshund Arnold . She  said,  “I love to design in Koigu in particular as it’s my favorite yarn, but really I just love all yarn! I keep knitting because I keep finding beautiful yarns to work with that I just can’t resist.”

 I asked Ivete, about how she learned to knit and this is what she had to say,:

“My grandmother taught me when I was really little, probably about 6 or so. She was always trying to keep my quiet by teaching me different types of crafts! From her I learned to knit, crochet, embroider, and sew. I have lots of fond memories of digging through her “treasures” looking for a needle or knitting pattern (handwritten like old recipes!). She’s 95 now and doesn’t do much crafting of her own but she always wants to see what I’m working on . . . and inspect and critique the finishing/reverse side!”

She is a huge Downton Abbey fan like myself and one episode she say one of Sybil’s sweaters and was in awe and knew she had to make one for herself. This is how she described the process;

“I got really into Downton Abbey right before season 2 came out in the US, and ended up watching all of season 1 back-to-back on Netflix. When Sybil wore a sweater for the first time in season 2, I knew I had to make it! It’s rare for me to want to make something exactly the way I see it, but that was definitely the case for this sweater. In order to get the details right, I took screenshots of the sweater from all directions.

From the pictures I drew up a sketch of the details I wanted to focus on. Here’s my notebook sketch that I worked from:


I decided that I wanted my version to be a heavier outerwear-weight long cardigan, so I went with a bulky yarn (Elann’s Highland Chunky). Because I usually knit in much thinner yarn, it was a pleasant change to work in chunky and watch the sweater knit up so quickly! I’m quite happy with the yarn I chose even though it did bleed a lot when I washed it. It’s soft yet “wooly” and you can’t beat the price, especially when making a large project that eats up over 20 balls of yarn.

The sweater hasn’t gotten much wear because of the weather, but once fall starts it’ll be my jacket for sure. It’s so cozy and easy to throw on over anything! And you can bet I’ll be wearing it to watch the Season 3 premier in January 2013!

If you would like your Sybil sweater pattern, it can be found on her website for $6.00. click here for the pattern. You can find all of Ivete’s beautiful  patterns and blog at, and I’m also on Ravelry, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook as chiagu.  She says, ‘Friend or follow me and I’ll friend you back!”

Below are more photos of Ivete’s sweater and Sybil wearing hers:

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  1. avatar says

    Brilliant! And beautiful. I hope Ivete puts the pattern on Ravelry because everyone will eat. it.UP. I would buy it.