Dr: Whooligan: On The Road, Dragoncon Day 3, Gareth David Lloyd Does Commentary, McCoy Causes Laughs


A packed house enjoyed Gareth David Lloyd’s live commentary for Torchwood, Countrycide. Lloyd chose the episode since he loves horror and likes how the story played out. His commentary skillfully blended facts and bellylaughs as he told anecdotes about filming the episode.

Before the commentary he auctioned off a poster which hung at his booth at Comic Con in Chicago and Dragoncon.  The poster was auctioned off to help raise money for the pressing of Blue Gillespie’s latest CD.

After the episode Lloyd went back to the Hilton to sign autographs and greet fans.

Despite the fact that Gareth has been to Dragoncon several previous times he remains a fresh and interesting guest who has new stories to tell every year. He enjoys meeitng fans and talking all things Ianto.


Needcoffee.com loves to talk about Dr. Who. This was the case earlier this evening when they talked about Torchwood and Doctor Who to a filled room. The current season of Doctor Who was the majority of the panel focus with many interestingtopics discussed. For information on needoffe.com visit their website, www.needcoffee.com


The 7th Doctor returned for another fine panel. He discussed his upcoming role in The Mikado and talked aoubt how he was almost cast as Bilbo Baggins in the LOTR trilogy. McCoy’s comment that he thought the TV Movie would hsve been better without him in it raised some eyebrows. He believes that having him in it at the start confused new fans. He things the TV Mive had too much in it which hurt the project

McCoy also mentioned how much he appreciates Matt Smith’s take on the role. McCoy has worked with David Tennant on a Big Finish audios and likes him very much. he would love to work with Christopher Eccleston since he likes his body of work as an actor. He is a fan of the new show and is glad to have it back.

McCoy grew up as a Patrick Troughton fan and enjoyed his performance as The Doctor.

Sylvester talked about working on the improv comedy circuit early in his career and got some great jokes in. He also talked about growing up and mentioned his father who died in service during WW2.

He also had some fantastic stories about working with Sophie Aldred, guest stars T.P. McKenna and Richard Briars.

McCoy toured the world in a production of King Lear, playing The Fool to Sir Ian McKellan’s Lear. He recalled the tour and spoke of how he and Ian are great friends who are now working together again in The Hobbit.

A Q&A session followed with the audience.


Author G.D Falksen was the special guest for this discussion of how Steampunk aesthetics and ideals have permeated into the newest series of Doctor Who. The classic’s series ‘ use of this genre was also discussed,

Steampunk and Doctor Who have been hand in hand since the late 1960s, however it is only in the last decade that it has been more prominent in the design and texture of the program.

This was a debuting panel for the Brit Track and by all appearances, a successful one as well.

The late evening saw lively discussions about Sherlock and British Crime Dramas that featured packed rooms and interested fans.

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