Dragon Con 2013: Come Visit Anglotopia at Dragon Con 2013 during Brit Track


As many of you may be familiar, every year I decamp and travel to Atlanta for Dragon Con. For those that don’t know, Dragon Con is one of the biggest sci-fi and new media conventions in the country (some say second only to San Diego Comic Con). What interests us is that they have an entire block of programming dedicated to all things British called Brit Track.

And Anglotopia will be heavily involved this year as it usually is.

But first, here is a selective list of the big British guests that will be appearing at Dragon Con this year:

  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Peter Davison
  • Noel Clarke
  • John Barrowman
  • Eve Myles
  • Burn Gorman
  • Gareth David-Lloyd
  • James Nesbitt
  • James Marsters
  • David Warner
  • John Levene
  • Blue Gilllespie
  • The Ken Spivey Band
  • Ghost of the Robot
  • and so much more!!

So, lots of great guests. On top of the great guests, they will have FOUR days of fan panels dedicated to everyone’s favorite aspects of British media. From Downton Abbey to The IT Crowd, there’s a panel for everyone.

I’m happy to announce that as in previous years, Anglotopia will have its own dedicated panel and I’ll be on several others. John Rabon, author of The Fiver Column, will also be joining me for some panels as well.

Here’s a breakdown of my schedule:

A Guide to All Things British with Anglotopia.net

Anglotopia.net founder Jonathan Thomas presents a Q&A panel dedicated to all things British.

Friday, August 30th 11:30 am; « Macon (In the Sheraton); 1 Hour(s);

Top Gear 

A chat about this long running BAFTA and Emmy award winning comedy show that has a unique take on all things automotive.

Presenters: Panelist: John Rabon, Panelist: Jonathan Thomas

Friday, August 30th, 01:00 pm; « Macon (In the Sheraton); 1 Hour(s);

Doctor Who Series 7 

A look at the New Series 7 of Doctor Who and how it compares to prior seasons.

Presenters: Rob Levy, Ken Spivey, Kelly Yates, Robert

Allsop, Panelist: Alan Siler, Panelist: Jonathan Thomas

Friday August 30th, 02:30 pm; « Crystal Ballroom (in the Hilton); 1 Hour(s);

Thanks to our partners Acorn Media, we’ve provided a ton of DVD’s and well as books that will be given as giveaways at each panel. We’ve also sent down 20 copies of our British Slang Dictionary, so you’ll have a great chance to snag a copy of that.

I’ll be down there from Thursday until Monday, taking in the entire convention, which is one of my favorite times of year. I’ll also be down their with Anglotopia Staff Photographer Chad Norris, who is going to help me document all the great British and Doctor Who cosplay that comes to the convention.

See you in Atlanta!


  1. avatarDenise says

    OMG! So many favorite actors of mine!!!! Do they do this at Comic Con in my area??? If they do I am definitely going next year…….although I hear the tickets sell out in 18 minutes. (sigh)
    Have a good time Jonathan! Wish I could go too!

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