Foyle’s War: A Ninth Series is in the Works – More Foyle’s War is Coming!


Many Foyle’s War fans in the USA are eagerly awaiting the 3 new episodes of Foyle’s War that are due to air on Masterpiece Mystery in September.

These episodes have already aired in the UK (we’ve seen them and they’re brilliant, though I miss the actual war…).

The bad news is that during the promotion for when it aired in the UK, the show’s creator Anthony Horowitz made clear that this was his last series writing Foyle’s War.

Thankfully, this did not last!

Anthony Horowitz recently tweeted that Foyle’s War Series 9 is happening!

He teases it here:

And then confirms it here.


Honeysuckle Weeks, who plays Sam, has also confirmed that they’ll be filming in the fall. No word yet on how many episodes are being ordered, but it will probably be 3 again. When we have the official press release, we’ll let everyone know.

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  1. avatarYonatan says

    American TV has sadly lost its way. Is it any wonder that my favorite shows are British imports?