Happy Birthday to Peter Capaldi – Who Is 56 Today – Who’s Excited About His Upcoming Role in Doctor Who? What’s Your Favorite Peter Capaldi Role?

Doctor Who

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Anglotopia to Peter Capaldi who turns 56 today. Of course everyone knows that he’s going to be the next Doctor Who. What role of his is your favorite?

I’d have to say Local Hero is probably my favorite and it’s one of his first. Followed by The Thick of It where he’s brilliant as the acidic Malcolm Tucker.

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  1. avatarAmy Fspot says

    I totally LOVELOVELOVE Malcolm Tucker. As an American, I know next to nothing about British politics (and still don’t really) but I know to keep the PM’s Enforcer on your side. Malcolm taught me how to string some very colorful words together. Very useful!

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