Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy set for stage return

Hitchhiker’s fans rejoice! Arthur Dent is headed for the stage with the original BBC cast.

According to the BBC:

Original cast members of the TV and radio versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are reuniting for a new stage production.

The show will star Simon Jones, who played lead character Arthur Dent in the TV and radio versions of Douglas Adams’s sci-fi comedy.

It will be staged as a radio recording, which will be made available for download after the tour.

The show’s first performance will be at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal on 8 June.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show – Live! will play at a host of other venues throughout June and July, ending at the Edinburgh Playhouse on 21 July.

The production has been adapted and written by its director Dirk Maggs, who was behind Hitchhiker’s 2003 revival on radio.


So the question is – how many fans will show up in their dressing gowns with a towel slung over their shoulder?

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  1. avatar says

    The only thing I am wondering is if the stage play will be slightly varied as the others we have experienced (radio, TV, books, movie) or will it be the same as the radio broadcast? All we have to do now is wait and see.