Hollywood to Produce Lost in Austen Film

Lost in Austen was a little known comedy that aired on ITV a few years ago that saw a modern woman send back in time to live with the characters of Pride and Prejudice.

Here’s a video about it:

The idea has caught the attention of Hollywood, which is going to remake it.

From the BBC:

Oscar-nominated film maker Nora Ephron is set to to turn ITV’s Lost In Austen into a Hollywood movie, according to reports.

Industry magazine Variety said the When Harry Met Sally writer will pen the script as well as direct the project.

The story follows a modern New York woman transported into the middle of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Gemma Arterton will play the role of Elisabeth Bennet and American Beauty director Sam Mendes will produce.

Ephron made her mark writing original material, but in recent years has adapted scripts such as the 2000 remake Bewitched.

The original series was screened on ITV in 2008 and written by Guy Andrews, whose other credits include Poirot and last year’s remake of Bouquet of Barbed Wire.

I never saw the original. Is it any good?

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  1. avatar says

    This is disappointing news. The ITV miniseries was good fun to watch, if a bit mindless, and had some really inspired casting (Guy Henry was the most delightfully AWFUL Mr. Collins ever and Alex Kingston was a Mrs. Bennet who was a bit more than just her nerves.)

    I don’t understand the need to remake this. If they want to reach American audiences, they should run the original on Starz or HBO. (I first saw it on the Ovation network.)

  2. avatarAmy P says

    I didn’t like it, but then I love Pride and Prejudice. Not that you couldn’t love Pride and Prejudice and still like the movie, I suppose, but for me it was a bit painful to watch the novel’s plot be destroyed and the characters be twisted beyond recognition. LOL