Brit TV Preview: Plebs – A Modern Comedy in Ancient Times


Marcus, Stylax, and Grumio are three guys from the burbs trying to make it in the big city. In this new comedy from ITV the three lads from the farm try to live their everyday life in the usual guy way: meet women, sleep with said women, hold down a job, and break into the big city’s elite social circles – all in ancient Rome. In this modern yet ancient six-part comedy series see Rome from the little guys point of view – The Plebs.


Tom Rosenthal, Marcus, told the Digital Spy, “The idea is that it’s just the story of guys moving to a big city, which is obviously relatable for all of us. It’s about people coming to a different place and struggling to adjust, because it’s mammoth in size and scope. Every episode opens on a situation that could easily be mirrored in modern times, but then it’s revealed to have an Ancient Roman twist. In one of the episodes, you hear the characters talking about pornography – ‘I got some new porn!’ – and then it’s revealed that it’s a pornographic Roman vase.”

Plebs ITV

Plebs airs on ITV beginning Monday, March 25th.

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  1. avatar says

    i wish we had this show on american tv. all we get is the same old cops and robbers stuff. not even any westerns. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE COLEEN MCCOLOUGHS BOOKS FIRST MAN IN ROME SERIES TOO.