Brit TV: ITV’S Inspector Lewis Will Return in 2013!

Lewis fans rejoice! The seventh series of the Oxford set police drama will return Monday, January 7th.

Earlier in 2012 Kevin Whatley, who has portrayed Robbie Lewis since 1987, fueled the rumor that he would not return to do another series of the popular crime drama. Citing the fact that his character was at retirement age Whatley wanted to leave the demanding work of a weekly TV series and do more theater.

Whatley had this to say about his characters return, “Lewis is starting to feel his age and he knows he’s getting near police retirement. He’s feeling the distance between his family, who are based in the North. At the same time, he’s aware Hathaway is considering his future, a subject that comes up, in a couple of the films in different ways. Also, his relationship with Hobson is starting to flourish. I think that the storyline is developed well in the script and at the right time. It’s nice to move in that direction and see Lewis happy with Hobson.”

Speculation was also rife that Whately’s Lewis costar Laurence Fox was ready to head for Hollywood and look for film work. Fox hinted that his character DS Hathaway may be contemplating his future, ‘I think he’s tired of the relentless cycle of gruesome goings-on, death, interrogation and murderers. He’s reached a point in his life where he now wants to do something else that is completely different. He needs to take a break. I think you’ve got to be built a certain way to be a police detective and maybe he just doesn’t think he’s the right person for the job.”

Changes are in store for the characters of Lewis and Hathaway as well as the format of the drama. Instead of the usual 120 minute show, the program will now be split into two 60 minute episodes. One episode a week will air meaning viewers will see one case span a two-week period with the current season featuring three cases.

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  1. avatartina says

    Why the heck are they splitting the episodes? Geez. Never can leave well-enough and I mean really well-enough alone. Is the viewing public’s attention span that short? Obviously, not happy with that development – really reduces the anticipation of watching-part of the lure was something interesting, uninterrupted and LONGER than a lousy 60 minutes

  2. avatarSarahB says

    It’s hell being a Yank fan of Lewis. HELL! I’m thrilled about the Hobson/Lewis relationship and I can’t wait to see what happens for Hathaway.

  3. avatarNancy Smith says

    How about an “Inspector Hathaway” show. Just can’t stand the thought of this one ending!

  4. avatarrob sibly says

    give Hatherway a shot. this guy been on the leed long enough .hes proved his worth time and again. its not fair to pull the plug on him now. the others had a shot at it lets see him have one

  5. avatarShelley Brown says

    I have been a fan of PBS’s masterpiece mystery for many years.
    I agree with Rob Sibly – give Hathaway his 15 minutes. I understand their need to move on and do other things, but I hate to think this may be the final series . I’ve seen each program at least 3 times and can’t wait for the new series to begin. I enjoy the British mysteries…midsomer mystery, case histories, inspector Linley, and the best of all Morse. The best part about the British mysteries is you can’t figure out the ending/murderer.

  6. avatar says

    I love the series BUT why do they ruin it with the loud background music that sometimes drowns out what they are saying.
    It is unfortunate that the BBC has ruined so many series this way

    • avatarSteve says

      I absolutely agree! The loud background music is too much. Can’t understand what they say half the time.

  7. avatarJDENZEL says

    Come on, lewis is too good to make housekeeping a priority. Hathaway is ready for being in charge. He is perfect to have his own show as the heir to Morse and Lewis. Lewis could be involved with him as a consultant. It is great fun and we really don’t want this to end any time soon.

  8. avatarsharon cavaleri says

    I’m going to miss them. I understand the reasoning, but this seems to happen to the programs I like the most! Good luck cast.

  9. avatarChristie Abraham says

    I just finished watching the series 7 and enjoyed immensely. I understand an actor wanting to go in another direction. Their gain will be our loss. Thanks for the wonderful show. I hope you come back but understand if you don’t.