New British Comedy Count Arthur Strong Available for Free on Hulu


There’s a funny new British show on Hulu for free now called Count Arthur Strong. In his prime, Count Arthur Strong (played by Delaney) was one-half of a moderately well-known comedy duo. Those days are long since past. When his former partner’s son, Michael (Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear) reluctantly pays him a visit to research a new biography, Count Arthur assumes he’s being recalled to glory. With frustrated Michael by his side, Count Arthur spends his days preparing for his newfound semi-fame, surrounded by an unlikely group of friends who meet at a neighborhood café. I’ve watched the first episode and it’s rather good. Graham Linehan – who created Father Ted and the IT Crowd is one of the creators.

All six episodes are streaming for free and a second series has already been ordered.

Check it out:

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  1. avatarJohn Evans says

    The original Count Arthur Strong was a series of radio programmes, first broadcast a few years ago on BBC Radio 4, and now often repeated on Radio 4 Extra. These episodes are often even funnier than the TV series; they frequently left me doubled up laughing hysterically. A wonderful comic creation!

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