Real Life Tardis Falling into Disrepair


The iconic Blue Police box, made famous by the British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, used to grace villages and town all across the UK.

Now, they are but a distant memory – but there are a few left. And one is crumbling down.

From the BBC Article:

A community is trying to save a listed Tardis-style police box which has fallen into disrepair.

The box in Somerton, Newport, is the only one to survive in the city and one of the few remaining in the UK.

But it is now falling apart and will need thousands spent to restore it to its former glory.

During much of the 20th Century, the boxes were used to contact police officers by phone before personal radios made them redundant.

Former police officer John Guy, 65, now the local councillor for the area where the police box is situated, estimated it would cost thousands of pounds to bring it up to scratch.

Knowing the way the British are in protecting their heritage – it won’t be long before Doctor Who Fans all across the world band together and save this crumbling relic.

As the town planners hope – restoring it will turn it into a tourist destination – I’d sure love to stand in a real Tardis!

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