Sherlock: Series 2 Episode 3 – The Reichenbach Fall Review – SPOILERS!!!

Herein lies the final installment of my three part series:  Taylor’s immediate reaction to her first viewing of the new Sherlock.

~Warning. Spoilers abound and post is sorely unedited or proofread~

So it has come to this. We have reached the end of series two. And what an ending indeed.

I went  into this episode expecting to cry, and yet, I didn’t. But that is not to say that the episode didn’t pack an emotional punch.
As always, I’ll just stick with the bullet point list format, as the more complete conversation will take place on the podcast.

  • Andrew Scott is an incredible person.
  • The twist in which Moriarty attempts to make everyone believe that Sherlock made him up is brilliant.
  • Molly, being the lynchpin of Sherlock’s plans, as well as Sherlock’s emotional touchstone is a wonderful usage of a character that has always been close to my heart.
  • The acting.
  • All of the touches of humor, from John’s discussion of Sherlock’s ‘we both know what is going on’ face, to the Yarders giving Sherlock a deerstalker.

Again, not going too deep into this, as I haven’t really processed yet, and the big discussion will be a part of the podcast. Now, let’s start theorizing on how Sherlock pulled it off!

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatarRaja says

    I think this episdoe sucked. I mean, it was all predictable. The garbage truck that ran off moments after Sherlock’s body double hit the pavement. The cyclist that disoriented Watson. Sherlock’s repeated calls to Watson to remain in one place so as to orchestrate his plan. Using Molly to prepare body double…also, the kidnapped girl’s screaming on seeing Sherlock.
    Also, the reveal about sherlock being alive came too fast…ie. 5 minutes after his ‘supposed death’.
    Still, commendable work…Jeremy Brett still rocks.

  2. avataradam says

    In a show where attention to detail is the key to the main characters success, Sherlock proves why he is so alone. He defeats the greatest criminal the world has ever known, he convinces the world he is a fraud and dead and he is left alone to fade into obscurity (tending bees if you read the books). Exactly the same state he was in before Watson. But what about his own trail of breadcrumbs. He leaves clues for Watson when Watson no doubt relives Sherlocks words and the inevitable investigation he will make (remembering the mortician) and the conclusion he will make. I loved the books I love the depth of the characters played out in the books and the genius of Conan Doyle. This tv series is a great gateway to people looking to rediscover master authors and I hope your subscribers dive headlong into his works. Btw Robert downy jr portrayal did no justice to an awesome literary creation.