Sherlock Series 3 Confirmed – US Airdates for Series 2 Set!

Minutes after Sherlock Series 2 concluded with a bang in the UK, showrunner Stephen Moffat let loose that there will in fact be a third series. And actually the BBC ordered the third series when they commissioned the second.

So we can expect more Sherlock awesomeness in the future!

That said – just exactly when will Sherlock Series 3 air? That’s a harder question to answer. Both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch will be busy finishing and promoting The Hobbit in 2012 so I doubt we’ll see any more Sherlock until 2013 at the earliest.

Good news for American fans who’ve been left out of Sherlock Series 2 so far – we have confirmed airdates for series two on PBS.

Sherlock Series 2 will air in 3 installments on PBS Masterpiece on May 6, 13th and 20th. So, now we all know for sure when Sherlock Series 2 will air in the USA!

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  1. avatarLou Ann says

    Thanks so much for the air dates for the U.S. It really sucks that the US doesn’t get to see the BBC shows the same time as the U.K. I saw an episode last night on PBS of Sherlock Holmes and knew it was an old episode, but was hoping that the new one was next week, but I guess PBS is still running season one. This is great!!!

  2. avatarBrittany says

    I always wanted to watch this, but never knew when it was on in the US. But May is far too long to wait. But, I guess good things come to those who wait.