Sherlock: USA Season 3 Airdate Announced – January 2014


Entertainment Weekly has scooped the airdate for Sherlock season 3. It will premiere January 19th at 10pm/9pm – following Downton Abbey.

There are three total episodes in this season. Each episode will be feature length as they have been before and will air on 3 consecutive weeks.

The first episode is called “The Empty Hearse” and will solve the mystery of Sherlock’s death. The second episode is titled “The Sign of Three” and features — spoiler alert if you haven’t been following the online chatter about the new season — Watson getting married to Mary Morstan (played by his real-life partner, Mr. Selfridge actress Amanda Abbington). The third episode is “The Last Vow” and airs Feb. 2.

There is no word when it will air in the UK – but the BBC has first air rights so they will most likely air it first. If I had to speculate as to when they would – it would probably be over the Christmas period as they save lots of great TV for that time period. I doubt it will be airing the same day as the USA in January.

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  1. avatarBrittany says

    I’ve been waiting to hear about an air date for this. I’ve been wanting to see season 3 ever since I finished watching season 2. lol.

  2. avatarTherese Abdali says

    My son and I have been sitting on pins & needles. We can’t wait until the 3rd. season starts.