Top Gear: At Least 3 More Years of Top Gear UK in the Pipeline

Buried in a rather mundane news article about the business structure of the Top Gear franchise today was news that we can expect at least 3 more years of Top Gear UK.

In a deal that saw the BBC take full control of the production company that main host Jeremy Clarkson co-owned with the show’s producer, news has come out that all thee hosts are contracted to the show for at least another 3 years.

This will put on hold rumors that the show had run its course and was due for a refresh. We’ll be traveling around the world with Jeremy, Richard and James until at least 2015. Then, who knows…

As for when we can expect to see them on TV screens again after what seems like a very long hiatus, there is expected to be a Christmas Special this year and the new series will start after New Year’s.

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  1. avatarBrewski says

    EXCELLENT! Then there’s still a chance I’ll make it over to be in the studio [hangar] audience for one of the shows’ taping before the series ends! 😀