Top Gear: Series 17 – Episode 3 Review – Mclaren MP4, Range Rover Evoque, Sebastian Vettel, Nissan Pixo

There was no grand adventure this week. The BBC is under budget cuts after all.

First up is the new British supercar the Mclaren MP4. A very pensive documentary review. It is quite a lovely looking car. Handles the test track well. It’s comfortable. It ends up being the second fastest car on the track.

The News was absent of anything major except for several amusing jokes all around for car owners clubs. MG Owners clubs and Jaguar E-types we’re the biggest recipient of their jeers. Jeremy shared the meter of bird feces that landed on his Land Rover.

James ventured to the USA to test out the new Range Rover Evoque. A car supposedly designed by Victoria Beckham. The challenge is to drive it to Las Vegas and chauffer around Cher. But first he has to get out of the dessert. Is it a proper Range Rover? Yes – it has a smooth ride and has impressive handling in the dessert. Love this car even if it’s a little girly.

When James picked up ‘Cher’ he has a bit of a surprise.

Star in a Reasonably Priced car was Sebastian Vettel. Wasn’t relaly interested in the interview as I know nothing about Grand Prix racing. It also coincided with Anglotopia Jr. waking up from his nap. Sebastian is a fan of British Comedy so I like him! Anglophile. German Anglophile. Something kind of wrong about those two words together.

The Nissan Pixo is the cheapest new car in the UK. The basicness of the car is very amusing. James and Richard try to figure out what can the same money buy. It’s rather amusing look at the British used car market.

I counted use of the Tron soundtrack 4 times this week. Up from last week.

At the end of the episode they apologized for a fairly unexciting episode in Top Gear terms. It certainly was weak. They promised next week ‘normal service’ is resumed which what looks like a challenge involving trains.

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  1. avatarDan W says

    I disagree with what you say about this being a fairly unexciting episode. Top Gear, after all, is primarily a car show, and this week it featured some of the most exciting new British Cars, the McLaren MP4-12C and the Range Rover Evoque (Although the Land Rover is Indian owned, it is still designed and built by the British), these two reviews were really well done, and the used car part at the end was very informative.

    Oh, and having Vettel in there too was a welcome bonus.

    This episode gets 5 stars from me!