Top Gear – Series 17 – Episode 6 Review – Lamborgini Aventador, Nissan Leaf, Puegot Ion, Electric Cars, Louis Walsh and Dakar Soldiers

This week brought us the final episode of the 17th series of Top Gear. It’s been a short but interesting season so far.

This week’s review started off with the Lambo Aventador. It’s certainly an interesting car but it was a rather uninspiring review and really failed to grab my attention. The highpoint in the review is when Richard Hammond get the name of Stockholm syndrome wrong.

The news was funny with James and Richard making of Jeremy’s car – which made him really sad. The most controversial joke was at Greece’s expense. I doubt they’ll be throwing up any fuss right now. Jeremy is trying to fool his Mercedes so that it doesn’t have to go in the shop. I imagine many people will be looking for a 1 in a hundred Mercedes in an Underground car park.

Stig took the Lotus from last week around the track. It had an impressive time around the track but it was not the fastest racecar around the track.

The big adventure this week was Jeremy and James going on a sensible test of electric cars. The premise is simple, they want to do the most British thing of driving to the seaside. Jeremy drives the Nissan Leaf and James drives a Puegot Ion.

They’re both nice looking cars and drive nice and it’s funny to see them shocked at how much they likes the cars on the surface. The journey goes pear shaped when it becomes clear that they’re running out of charge. So, simple enough, they need to find somewhere to recharge and that’s when the problems start.

There’s no charging station within the range of their electric cars and then must enlist the locals of Lincoln to find a place to charge their cars. It’s only a matter of time before Jeremy’s car runs out of a charge and they have to push it off the road.

What ensues is a hilarious tour, in Top Gear style, of the the sights and sounds of Lincoln while they wait for their cars to charge. A process that takes 13 hours. The conclusion of the film was that Electric cars are not he future because they simply don’t have a far enough range. It’s interesting that if it’s not enough in Britain – it certainly won’t be enough in America.

Louis Walsh was the Star in a reasonably Priced Car – but I didn’t even know who he was and the interview wasn’t particularly interesting. The biggest takeaway from from Louis admitting that Simon Cowell has ‘rubbish musical taste,’ which I’m sure most people would agree with.

The final documentary was about a Cross Country racing team in Wales for disabled British soldiers. It was a pretty inspiring story as horribly injured soliders seek to race in the Dakar rally despite their disabilities. Best of luck to them!

Jeremy says at the end that Top Gear will return in series 18 when X-factor is finished around Christmas.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this season but it lacked a real grand adventure in Top Gear style. Perhaps they’re saving their budget for the Christmas specials. We shall see!

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  1. avatarJohn says

    I’m sorry, but you talk so much about the negatives of the episode, yes it was not one of the best, and you write three and a half lines about the most important part.

    The soldiers who have “war wounds” is one of, most probably the, most moving and interesting things that has been shown on Top Gear, ever.

  2. avatarFattmerris says

    It’s unfortunate that the world is filled with idiots who take staged film for fact on which they base their opinions. I’ve been driving a LEAF for 2 months now and have never come close to running out of range or being left stranded. By saying the LEAF is not ready for Britain leads me to believe that the British are idiots for living more than 100 miles from work and traveling that far everyday. I drive 50 miles everyday in my LEAF and have 50 miles remaining when I return home. My LEAF takes 3 hours to charge each night (which it does while I sleep). One of the great benifits of being American is that most of us have 2 cars in our driveway. The LEAF covers 99% of my driving needs. The other 1% is covered by my 2nd ICE car. I filled it up for the first time in 4 weeks yesterday which was an odd feeling.
    It amazes me how ignorant people are with regard to the LEAF and electric cars in general. 1st question everyone asks when I show them the LEAF: “Does it use gas?”