Video: Michael Kitchen Playing the Foyle’s War Theme on an Electric Guitar

This video can only be described at Michael Kitchen playing the theme to Foyle’s War on an Electric Guitar.

You’re welcome.

Hat tip to Quietly Enigmatic (Foyle’s War Forum) for the discovery.

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  1. avatar says

    This is one of those moments when the real life person does something which totally messes with your view of the (beloved) character they play. I can’t decide if it is awesome or disturbing! 😉

  2. avatarSusanne says

    Cannot only say….Brilliant….see the scope of actors makes our relationship to them far more intimate. While I have seen Michael play in everything I have been able to find….this expanse of him is so delightful…..thanks for posting.

    Rock on !

  3. avataramiga says

    Can’t get enough of this video. MK is a rock star and totally delightful. What a joy to see a different side of him. Have seen everything available with him and have watched them over and over, but this is just terrific. Hope he does more. We saw him play the piano in Oliver. Maybe he’ll give us a piano concert next.