Jane Austen’s Novels to be Reworked for a Modern Audience

Six best-selling authors have been asked to re-write Jane Austen’s classic novels for a modern-day audience.

Crime writer Val McDermid will write a 21st Century version of Northanger Abbey and Joanna Trollope a version of Sense and Sensibility.

The question is: is this a good idea?

I’m very interested to see the result!

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  1. avatarBoston Karen says

    This may be the worst idea since fascism. Yes, I know I just invoked Godwin’s Law; it’s STILL not strong enough to express my incredulity and displeasure!

  2. avatarretnavybrat says

    I have to say it depends on how “modern” the authors make it. Many authors idea of “modern” would be to have the main male and female characters go at it like bunnies throughout the book, all the while spouting language that would make sailors blush. That I wouldn’t find appealing.

    However, if the authors keep to the spirit of the books, I’d be interested in reading their interpretations.

  3. avatarKayRon says

    “Lame modern re-do based on the work of the incomparable Jane Austen” should be in bold letters above the title on any of these.