Anglophile Reviews: Last Chance Harvey London Movie DVD Review

I recently had the chance to Watch Last Chance Harvey and I’ve really been looking forward to it. It didn’t get a very wide release so I was not able to see it when it was in theaters. So, a couple weekends ago, the wife and I sat down to watch this London themed movie.

We’re were a little disapointed with it.

First, the plot. The film follows Harvey – a jingle composer who is struggling to keep his job, despite his dedication. He jets off to London to attend the wedding of his estranged daughter, while preoccupied with trying to keep his job. Dustin Hoffman is great at playing a sympathetic asshole schlub, but mostly it’s just annoying how stupid he is.

In a stark contrast to Harvey, Emma Thompson plays a cold English woman who is just going through the motions of life, a lot like Harvey and is searching for someone to light her up.

Oddly, the two meet and it turns out they are exactly what they need. It’s sweet and all, it’s just not very well presented. The movie crawls and it gets really annoying watching Harvey embarrass himself continually or mess things up.

Overall, it seems like it takes the whole movie for it really get going and then at that point, the movie is over. The film is also billing itself as a bit of a comedy, but it’s not really that funny – frustrating mostly.

What really bugged me, though, was that the movie seems to ignore London reality slightly. It was probably written by someone who visited London once. For example, Emma’s character Kate would not commute daily on the Heathrow Express. It’s simply too expensive for daily use. No, a real local would take the Tube.

Second, the scene cuts ignore geography. There is a scene where they leave Paddington Station and there is a quick montage as they walk through London, through Trafalgar Square over the River to the Southbank. Anyone who has been to London knows that it is a LONG walk from Paddington to the Southbank. Long enough that unless you’re sightseeing, you’d take the tube or a bus.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the London scenery, I just wish is was presented in a better way.

This movie get 2 out 5 Union Jacks for a plot that never gets moving and geography that ignores reality. Still, the scenery is nice though.

Here’s the Trailer:

In case you’re still interested, you can buy the movie on here on May 5th:

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  1. avatar says

    Aww, I actually really loved this movie! I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but I guess it was just the mood I was in. I watched it on my recent flight home from London, and it was the PERFECT flick to see while I was mourning the fact that I had to return to America! :) Not that I’m not glad to be home, but part of me wishes I could stay in England forever.