Anglophile Reviews: Sherlock Holmes Movie – Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law

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It was a nice Christmas treat.

I’ll try to be light on the Spoilers – but I may discuss some plot details.

First what I loved about this movie. Robert Downey Jr is brilliant as Sherlock. Jude Law is brilliant as Watson. Together they’re spectacular.

I really liked the angle they took on Sherlock – generally we associate him with being stuffy, proper and boring in his powers of deduction. They’ve managed to make everything about him exciting. He was a character that you wanted to know. Though it wouldn’t be healthy to be in a long term relationship with him, unlike poor Watson.

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The setting in Victorian England was truly lovely – lots of CG but I didn’t mind. I was impressed with how much wasn’t CG since many parts of London haven’t changed much since Victorian times. I also particularly loved the soundtrack – it was punchy and fit the tone of the movie perfectly.

I was a little worried that Guy Ritchie wouldn’t be able to pull it off – considering his previous work – but he did well.

Now, for what I didn’t quite like. I won’t give too much away but Guy Ritchie pulls a fast one on us. Making us think that the movie is about some absurd bits of magic. I was sitting there getting slightly agitated that everything about the movie was wonderful except something as ridiculous as magic was driving the plot and we’re supposed to take it seriously – considering the pains they took to make everything seem realistic. Thankfully, it’s not really magic and Holmes is the one that figures it out.

And while Rachel McAdams is a gorgeous woman – I don’t think the sassy American criminal really fit into the movie considering it’s setting and place. She’s nice to look at and appeared to have good chemistry with Robert Downey Jr, I just don’t think she really fit in the movie when it should really be about Holmes and Watson.

They wrapped everything nicely up at the end and they set up the obvious sequel with Holmes traditional nemesis, Professor Moriarty. I just don’t get why they baked up Lord Blackwood instead of using Moriarty.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie greatly. It will become a staple in this Anglophile household. Most of all it was a nice Christmas treat and a great cap to a lovely Christmas.

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  1. avatarAnna says

    Thank you that was perhaps the most non-biased, straight forward review I have read in a long time. I also went to see Sherlock Holmes and found it very engaging. Like yourself, I thought Robert was a remarkable Holmes. The man seems to embody every character he ever plays. It is as if he is possessed. Robert and Jude together were also a total joy to watch. They have a good working chemistry. The movie overall added to my already fantastic Christmas. Thank you again for the lovely review.

  2. avatar says

    I agree with you all points. I totally enjoyed the chemistry of Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr. as Watson & Holmes. I felt that inclusion of Rachel MacAdam as Irene Adler sort of took away from that. She’s was like extra baggage that the film could have jettisoned. I don’t think she added anything to the film. Her performance made me long to re-read Carole Nelson Douglas’s mystery series featuring Irene. It would have been one thing if had actually had more to do with the actual plot of the film. I also wish that they hadn’t included Moriarty in the film. Lord Blackwood was enough of a villain, unless they are of course setting up for a potential sequel.

  3. avatarGillian Sneddon says

    Great review of the movie . i totally agree with your points and its good you’ve shown that you enjoyed the movie ,what i liked about the film is that ive discovered Robert Downey Jr , an actor ive always heard of but never seen acting till Sherlock Holmes and what a movie to first see him , his portrayal is excellent , he was comical yet engaging and he apoted a jack sparrow like personna , i was very impressed with Sherlock Holmes.