British Movies: Churchill and Roosevelt Film in the Works

I caught site of this info on Slashfilm and I thought it was worth sharing. Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt had a very fascinating relationship during World War II.

So fascinating – it was the subject of a book called Franklin and Winston – which I’ve read and was fantastic.

Now, it’s apparently being made into a movie by Angelina Jolie with Anthony Hopkins tipped to play Winston Churchill.

From Slashfilm:

Anthony Hopkins revealed in a recent interview that he’s been talking to Angelina Jolie about taking on the role of Sir Winston Churchill in Churchill and Roosevelt. Although I haven’t heard too many details about the film, it’s probably safe to assume that Churchill and Roosevelt will focus on the two leaders’ professional relationship during World War II.

Jolie is said to be “developing” the film, though it’s not clear whether her official role will be that of a producer, director, actress, or some combination thereof. She’s apparently very excited about the project, however — Hopkins said that Jolie has “got a thing about Churchill,” whatever that means.

Jolie recently sent a synopsis of the script to Hopkins, but the actor has not yet confirmed his involvement. One thing holding him back may be the politician’s famously rotund physique: “I don’t know, I’d have to put on some weight to play Churchill,” Hopkins joked to the interviewer. “I’ve just taken the weight off, I’d have to put it back on again.” The project is still seeking a Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


I’m really looking forward to this – they really did have a fascinating relationship that would make a great movie. The only treatment we’ve had of the friendship so far was from the movie “Into the Storm” which really glazed over it too quickly. Hopkins would make a great Churchill.

We’ll watch this project closely.

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  1. avatarStuart Finlay says


    Loads of Roosevelt/Churchill books

    The one I read was Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship by Jon Meacham the editor of Newsweek. I read the book as part of th research for the one I published last year..

    Look forward to the film.

    Incidentally just finishing Clementine Churchill a Portrait of a Marriage by their daughter Mary Soames. Awesome book one of the best I have read in a while. I was actually sobbing when she described the moment of Winston’s death/funeral. He would never have been the man he was without her. She was amazing.

  2. avatar says

    It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition – no doubt, the material is meaty and fascinating and Hollywood loves Anglia (don’t we all?). I love anything about Winston Churchill and his fascinating family. Both William Manchester’s biography of Churchill and Conrad Black’s biography of FDR are superb reads.

  3. avatarSumMary says

    AJ has a thing for Winston? How about Angelina playing Franklin?
    The Tony & Jolie show.