Brits Sneer at the Very Premise of ‘Anonymous’ – Videos

Britain is rather annoyed at the American movie opening today around the world that posits that William Shakespeare didn’t write his plays. We’re firmly in the ‘wrote his plays’ camp – the theory that he didn’t has been debunked again and again.

But it still could make an interesting movie.

Here are some British TV news reports about this film.

Film suggests shady Shakespeare

A new film, ‘Anonymous’, is attempting to question the authenticity of William Shakespeare’s works. It credits the Earl of Oxford – an Elizabethan courtier – with being the real Bard.

Shakespeare supporters say film Anonymous is laughable

Shakespeare’s home town supports campaign against controversial theory in new film Anonymous.

What do you think? Will you be seeing Anonymous?

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  1. avatarSusan Dorris says

    Sure I’m going to see it. Don’t have to agree with the premise to be entertained by it. Shakespere in Love. Amadeus. Same variety. Besides, I want to see how they depict Shakespere’s London.

  2. avatarElse says

    I saw this movie last night. It was very good and beautifully staged. I was not familiar with the controversial school of thinking: both that Elizabeth I had illegitimate children and that Shakespeare did not write his own work. After I came home, I did a little reading online about all this. The Oxfordian theory (which is represented in the movie) is covered very well in Wikipedia for those that need more info on this (like myself!). Although the movie starts by saying that the story is based on the theory that Shakespeare did not write his works, it could have given more information and thus appeared more forthright about the whole matter. I do recommend it, however. It was intriguing!

  3. avatarMary says

    I would not even consider watching this movie. First, it’s American, second, uh, it’s American. I have read much on this subject and have made up my own mind. Put me down on the ‘sneer’ side.

  4. avatarPete says

    If you are unsure about the veracity or otherwise of Shakespeare bein the real author of his works, then I suggest reading the excellent book on Shakespeare by the AMERICAN, Bill Bryson.