David Tennant: The Decoy Bride to Open on IFC in Feb, Theaters in March

The Decoy Bride, what was once tipped as David Tennant’s first turn at the whole British romantic comedy thing has had a strange journey. It’s opened in a bunch of strange markets before opening in the UK. They don’t seem to be in a hurry to release it anywhere else.

One can only assume from this that the movie isn’t very good. We have no idea – there isn’t even a publicly available trailer.

That said – IFC Films is going to distribute the film in the US – it will be released first on On Demand services on February 3rd and then wide into theaters on March 9th 2012.

We’ll review it if we ever get a chance to see it.

Here’s the plot details from IFC Films:

When the wedding of internationally famous film star Lara Tyler (ALICE EVE) to tweedy English author James Arber (DAVID TENNANT) is sabotaged by a paparazzo, they decide to relocate the event to the one place where the world’s press won’t find them: the sleepy Island of Hegg, as featured in James’ bestselling novel The Ornithologists Wife. But to the shock of Lara’s P.A Steve Korbitz (MICHAEL URIE), the reality of the island is different from the romanticised picture James has created (without ever visiting), and he has to transform this fantasy world before the superstar arrives.

However, dilapidated buildings and greedy islanders are the least of the problems that the wedding party and their Hollywood entourage have to deal with, as Marco (FEDERICO CASTELLUCCIO) the ingenious paparazzo tracks them down in his mission to photograph the celebrity wedding of the year.

Steve and his assistant Emma (SALLY PHILLIPS) must find a decoy bride and think that local girl Katie (KELLY MACDONALD) will be an ideal replacement. But when Katie meets James, sparks fly, dresses get ruined and love gets complicated.

Will Katie be able to fool the awaiting media and live up to being a stand-in for the world’s most famous movie star? Can an ordinary girl fill the most famous Manolos on the planet? And whatever will happen to her pledge never, under any circumstances, to fall in love again?

More details here.


  1. avatarJo Franklin says

    There is definately something very odd going on with the release of this film. Here in UK it is being released at cinemas less than a week before it is released on dvd sale, so will probably suffer at cinemas, as people will wait a few days to get their copy on dvd. Though I’m sure the dvd sales and rental will do well.

    It doesn’t make sense. David Tennant is a very good actor and hugely popular. Much Ado About Nothing last year was a sell-out success, with fans coming to see it as far away as Australia. It almost looks like someone is trying to limit his film success by limiting its release. It also isn’t fair on his co-stars who I understand are in tv series in USA. GGRRR.

    I’m sure it will be a good film, David doesn’t seem to pick duff projects!

  2. avatarAunt Bellow says

    Actually, he’s been in bad stuff before and he’ll be in bad stuff again. Second and third tier actors take what they can get, and that’s what he is, in Hollywood. Maybe lower. He’s a TV actor, and an excellent one, who can’t quite make it in movies. He’s a character actor and an excellent one, who can’t quite make it as a big movie lead. If he sticks with TV and quirky character parts he’ll be all right but starring in what looks like a truly worthless movie (I could have told you that from the synopsis) only means that the next time out what he’s offered drops down a notch. This is exactly what is happening. He’s going to play opposite Heather Graham??? Oh lord, she can’t act. Don’t put David Tennant opposite someone who can’t act. We all loved Cambell Bane and D.I. Carlyle and Casanova and the Doctor but even so, David Tennant may never be a movie star.

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