Harry Potter: You Have Until December 29th To Buy Any HP Movie – Then They Get Locked Away

Strange news from Warner Brothers who appear to be taking a page from the Book of Disney. In an effort to create artificial scarcity for the Harry Potter DVD’s, all Harry Potter movies will be withdrawn from the home video market on December 29th.

This means that you have until December 29th to buy any Harry Potter film and then you will not have another chance to buy them for an unknown number of years.

Seems kind of a strange thing to do when Harry Potter has never been more popular and the DVD’s basically print money.

So, it looks like the complete Blu-ray set coming out November 11th is our only chance to get all the Harry Potter movies in one collection.


What do you think of this news? I think it’s stupid and idiotic.


  1. avatar says

    i wouldn’t say the blu-ray is the only chance at the boxed set. there’s also a dvd set called “the complete collection” on amazon scheduled for release on 11/11, and i also saw this blurb:

    “Hard-core Potter fans will be pleased to know that 2011 is not the end of the Harry Potter film franchise on DVD and Blu-ray. Warner Home Video plans to release a comprehensive Harry Potter film collection, with even more extras and collectible premiums in 2012. More details about the collection will be available at a later date.”

  2. avatarBrittany says

    I think it’s stupid too. What’s really the point?To drive up the price when they decide to rerelease the DVDs? Make the current DVDs more expensive?

  3. avatarBarb says

    Whatever. Already have the ultimate collections for all but the final two finals (which hasn’t been released). Once those are released, don’t plan on re-buying them again any time in the distant future.

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