Where is The King’s Speech?

The King’s Speech opened in the USA on November 25th, 2010 with a limited release in New York and Los Angeles. That was 3 weeks ago. Why hasn’t The King’s Speech opened in the rest of the country?

I can understand why they opened The King’s Speech at this time of year – it’s OSCAR time and the buzz is surrounding the film with Colin Firth already grasping his Academy Award.

The problem is – I don’t know if he deserves it because I have yet to see the movie! It hasn’t left New York or LA in the 3 weeks since it opened. The film just got an official website but there are no release date updates for the rest of the country.

Why is there such a shroud of secrecy around The King’s Speech?

When Tamara Drewe opened earlier this fall – the website had a continually updated list of theaters that would be releasing the movie. Using that list I found a theater in Chicago and had a chance to see it – by far one of the best Brit movies of the year.

There’s a lot of buzz around this movie and I’m afraid its going to start tapering away as it’s not showing outside NY or LA. It’s not even showing in Chicago – which should be the 3rd stop for arty movies like this. This movie could make a lot of money – it just boggles my mind that’s it’s not being marketing or released to the rest of the country.

Have you had a chance to see The King’s Speech? How was it?

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  1. avatarddemore says

    The King’s Speech will open in the Chicago area on Dec 17. Go to moviefone.com, out in a zip code, make the distance unlimited. Right now it is at 21 theaters. I wouldn’t expect it to show the new listings until Weds.

  2. avatarBrad says

    For some reason they did the same thing with The Queen and The Young Victoria. They introduced them under limited release. I think that movie distribution companies assume that nobody is interested in the royal subject matter.

  3. avatarRealMcCoy says

    Hi jonathon,
    If you were an Acadamy voter, you’d have a copy already. Acadamy voters are the only people the distributors worry about during Oscar season – the rest of us, sadly, make no difference at all to them, and in fact, they will probably hold off on wide distribution until after the movie, since any Oscar wins will help box office. This is the way the movie business operates…


  4. avatarMK says

    Looks like Friday is the day. One of the papers here in Boston had an article about this movie in today’s issue, stating it is opening on Friday. Went to moviefone.com and sure enough, as of today, it is playing in one theater (at the moment) on Friday. Praise be!

  5. avatarBrian says

    I’m lucky enough to live in the “New York” fringe area (Hartford, CT). The local indie theater ran it. I enjoyed the film a lot!

  6. avatargail says

    You’re right. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this movie and it is not showing anywhere in the Binghamton, NY area. I think I see it showing in Buffalo. Maybe Friday will be the lucky day for me and there will be a showing near here.

  7. avatarDeeDee says

    I’ve been looking all over for it. My boyfriend even offered to fly me to New York to see it! Now I just heard that it got 7 Golden Globe nominations, and we can’t even see it in Chicago. That’s just wrong!

  8. avatarJ Goodeye says

    Don’t feel bad…I live in the greater LA area and it is no where near where I call home, the 3rd largest city in the county . With all the buzz about it, I would think it would be in more than 4 theaters. It’ll be on disk in 3 months.

  9. avatarMr Renner says

    Perhaps now Americans will stop refering to him as ‘King of England’ and start calling HM by his more accurate title ‘King of the British Empire and Emperor of India’. I’ve been reading American reviews and this really annoys me