Adele to record duet with Robbie Williams… in Swing!

Adele and Robbie Williams. Hopefully, you can tell which is which.

Adele and Robbie Williams. Hopefully, you can tell which is which.

As you know, it’ll take a long time for Adele to come out with her next album [Insert Adele’s age at time of recording here], her follow-up to her award-winning 2011 album 21 [current chart positions: US: 23, UK: 42], and it’ll no doubt be years before the next Bond film comes out so she can perform the theme to that one. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be too long before we hear anything new from Adele, because she’s set to record a swing duet with Robbie Williams on his next album.

According to The Sun, although Adele has refused multiple times to appear as a guest artist on other artists’ songs [Except for one guest appearance on a track called “Reminded” by rapper Tyga, who I’m sure is as obscure to you as he is to me]. However, she does plan on contributing a track to Robbie Williams’ next album, the follow-up to his 2012 album “Take the Crown”, but more of a successor to his 2001 album Swing When You’re Winning.

An anonymous source said: “Adele and Robbie have really hit it off. They are great friends and talked at length about doing something together when she was in LA with him ahead of the Oscars last month. They threw some ideas around but haven’t decided exactly what song they’d like to work on, things are in the early stages.”

As early as 2009, while Adele said she’s not into collaborations, she did say she’d make an exception for Robbie Williams. “I’m not in doing collaborations. I love to sing with people live rather than on record. If I could do one with anyone – Robbie? Any day.”

For what it’s worth, Robbie Williams said this about famed British boy band One Direction: “There were a few special indie bands then just as there are in every generation and just as some pop bands are useless, some are magnificent. I feel sorry for the people who are too bigoted to appreciate the latter. The world’s a lot more exciting with One Direction in it and more hearts will genuinely race at a new 1D album than they ever have or will at any Suede album in any period.”

He later said, with regards to Suede: “It would appear that I’ve gone off on a tangent not entirely created by Mr Brett Anderson of pop combo Suede. It won’t be the last time this happens and it felt good to get it off my chest. Thank you Brett, Suede’s new album ‘Bloodsports’ out now.”

Well, I’ve got a big backlog of NME articles covering news events to talk about, but due to popular demand (read: the one most recent comment), next time, expect another installment in the never-ending feud between the Gallagher Brothers.

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  1. avatarTommyGD says

    She’s already done various collaborations. She did “Water and a Flame” with Daniel Merriweather in 2009 (yes, the same year she was quoted as saying she wasn’t into doing them!). She also did a duet with Darius Rucker in 2010 and has previously sung alongside Jack Penate and The Raconteurs.

    I can’t see why she’d want to do anything with Robbie Williams, though. Her American fanbase would wonder who the hell he was. In fact, I think it’s pretty likely she’ll never release anything else at all.