Bestival Crash victim’s song released as a single

Photo by the Michael Molloy Estate.

Photo by the Michael Molloy Estate and Sunday Best Records.

The NME articles that made up this story have been in my queue since early April. From what I have been able to understand, Michael Molloy, from Liverpool was heading home from the Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight when the coach he was on crashed. 50 people were injured and he and two others were killed.

However, Michael Molloy wrote several songs, at least two of which, “Rise and Fall” and “Hope you Know”, were written a year before the crash and recorded in July 2012, three months before his death. The tracks were completed by his friend, bandmate, and collaborator Alex Evans. They were made available April 30. The tracks were released by Bestival’s sister record label, Sunday Best.

Quoth Michael’s brother Joe: “It was Michael’s ambition to have his music recognised by the wider world. He never fulfilled that ambition so we, his family, are fulfilling it for him. Michael can never come back and we will never cease to grieve for him. We think about him every hour of every day. But Michael’s passion for music and his talent was one of the qualities which defined him and we want the rest of the world, through his music, to understand and appreciate in a small way just what a special human being he was… The release of the single is both in memoriam and in celebration and we wish to thank Sunday Best and all of the people who have supported Michael over many years.”

Rob da Bank, Radio 1 DJ and Bestival organiser added: “It’s obvious to me that Michael was a young and rare talent and that music was an extremely important part of his life. I’ve heard he absolutely loved Bestival and had a great time at Bestival 2012, so I feel privileged to be able to help his family fulfil his and their ambition of gettting Michael’s music out there.”

His mum Frances added: “The release of Michael’s single will represent a small step in the long and hard job of rebuilding our lives. We will always be thankful for the fact that he was the happiest 18-year-old alive at the time of his death. He was fulfilled and full of hopes and dreams. One of those dreams was for his talent to be recognised.”

It entered the charts at #38, and dropped off the charts the next week.  Fortunately for his memory, Molloy will also be honoured at this year’s Liverpool Music Awards. The ceremony, which is now in its second year, will dedicate its One To Watch award to him.

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