Brit Music: Amy Winehouse’s ex to appear on Jeremy Kyle

Blake Fielder-Civil and the pop legend who is the only reason his name will be remembered.

Blake Fielder-Civil and his famous girlfriend.

Blake Fielder-Civil. If you were following the Amy Winehouse trainwreck when it was still okay to make fun of her, you’ll know that he was her on-off boyfriend, and later, husband, until the two divorced in 2009. Ever since, he’s been laying low, and it looks like now’s the time he’ll come out of the woodwork, because on a future episode of ITV talk show host Jeremy Kyle’s show.

Kyle is scheduled to talk to Fielder-Civil about the troubled, drug-addled relationship between Blake and Amy, and how it left them both addicted to drugs. Last year, Fielder-Civil was rushed to the hospital due to multiple organ failure as a result of partying too hard with some mates.

It’s also scheduled to be a return for the famously… let’s call him confrontational, television host, as his shows (both the British and American shows) have been put on hiatus (although the American show isn’t coming back due to low ratings) due to Kyle’s recent bout of testicular cancer. He had had surgery and chemotherapy, and it looks like it’s been successful in combatting the illness. He will return sometime next year and his show with Blake Fielder-Civil appears to be the first show to be aired. An anonymous source said that “This is a great first show for Jeremy to get his teeth stuck into and forget about his own troubles.” The air date for the episode has yet to be announced.

But, I know what some of you are thinking; shouldn’t we just let sleeping dogs lie? The trainwreck has long since passed. Why dig up the past? Why not focus on the start of something good in the name of Amy Winehouse? Well, fortunately, I’ve got some good news for your kind as well: Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s dad has recently gone to New York to announce the first gala of the American arm of the Amy Winehouse foundation.

The gala is set to take place on March 21, with performances by Tony Bennett (who performed a duet of “Body and Soul” with Amy on her last known recording, and donated $220,000 to the foundation), Wyclef Jean, and Jennifer Hudson.

How’s that for the start of something new?

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