Brit Music: Axl Rose says Slash tried to sabotage his health

Slash was born in London. He's still a British citizen. Therefore, I feel justified in making this here.

Slash was born in London. He’s still a British citizen. Therefore, I feel justified in covering this on Anglotopia.

I’ve written several articles about the feud between Liam and Noel Gallagher. Hell, I’ve even got one new article I found since my “Scandal Sheet” was posted that’s in my pipeline. But, as insane as that feud is, it’s got nothing on the feud between Axl Rose and Slash. In the past 20 years, Axl Rose and Slash have been on terms so bad that it makes Noel and Liam seem civil. At least Noel never went apeshit at a guy for wearing a shirt with Liam’s face on it. Insanely, by all accounts, this feud seems to be one-sided. Axl once claimed that Slash asked for a truce, and Slash himself claimed that he doesn’t care what Axl thinks anymore.

The latest entry in this saga has Axl Rose defend his habit of tardiness during concerts, and the change of Guns n Roses from an actual band to a GnR Tribute band with the original name and singer… by blaming Slash.

Quoth Axl: “‘The Illusions’ lineups comments that I’ve read int he media or in Slash’s books were, in my opinion, predominantly public gamesmanship, strategy and politics on their part. Pretending to be unaware or innocent to the public has been a common deceptive tactic often used in regard to what was happening with the band and our relationship with each other. As I’ve said before, I shouldn’t have been on tour when we started in 1991. That had a lot to do with Alan Niven, our then manager, and Slash. In my opinion Alan wanted money and Slash wanted the touring to get the better of me given my circumstances at the time. My safety and well-being were not their concern.”

Before Axl said that: “In answering I would like to say that I have no intention or desire to take “shots” at either the old band or anyone from any of our lineups. That said, to answer some questions factually and honestly it may appear that way to some. Unfortunately, in my opinion, that’s just the nature of the beast.”

Slash’s current replacement DJ Ashba said: “I think a lot of people and the press try to blow it up and say he’s an asshole but everyone can be an asshole if you get them on the wrong day.” Presumably, the wrong day seems to come remarkably frequently during concerts; in fact, last Saturday during a concert in Perth, Rose threw a microphone at a fan, who is currently suing him to pay for his medical bills to cover a months-long, $5000 course of treatment to restore his broken teeth. To be fair, said fan admits that this was most likely unintentional. After all, when Axl uses his microphone to get back at unruly fans, he just throws it on the ground and walks off stage. Tour promoter Andrew McManus has offered his apologies, and the fateful microphone, autographed by Rose himself. However, he said “I don’t think the microphone is going to fix my teeth.”

Quoth Ashba: “One thing people don’t seem to get is that he’s genuinely funny and he’s always joking around and telling stories to make people laugh.”

It should be noted that Axl’s habit of showing up late did not end when Slash left the band. As recently as May 2012, Axl showed up for a concert at Manchester Arena an hour late, finishing a concert at 2:15 AM, when he was told to finish three hours earlier. Let’s see if he can somehow blame Slash for that.

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