Brit Music: A first look at the Libertines reunion

He's from Barcelona... Image Source: Fot online/OTC.

He’s from Barcelona… [Note: blond guy is NOT Carl Barat.]
Image Source: Fot online/OTC.

Well, here’s the latest info on the Libertines reunion: while there has been no tour announced, they have announced that there will be some small warm-up shows, perhaps even a free one for those not lucky enough to go to their Hyde Park gig, and they have even announced a second festival gig, this time at Spain’s Benicàssim Festival. They will headline on July 19, a mere fortnight after appearance will follow the band’s reunion show at this year’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, London, on July 5. This will be their first time performing together since the 2010 Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Perhaps this is why the Libertines did their first rehearsal session in Barcelona. Yes, in an interview with the NME, Carl Barât said he went with Pete Doherty to Barcelona to rehearse, and, by rehearse, he means  “playing guitar pissed, lying on our backs outside a Spanish bar”. Fan-shot footage of them performing a rare, unreleased song called “The Domestic” has been put on Youtube and can be seen at the end of this article. And even though they’re clearly plastered and playing a song they apparently didn’t think was good enough to put on either of their albums, it’s still far more interesting than a lot of the stuff that’s on the charts today.

When asked about the possibility of more practice sessions like these, he said: “You can’t make plans with The Libertines. I’ve got my first lead in a film in Switzerland. I’ve managed to get time to go to Hamburg to a studio Pete’s living in and we’re going to get the boys there and rehearse. It’s a ‘see how it goes’ thing. History would suggest it’ll go very, very well and then it’ll cease for a bit. But I’m happy with that.”

He’s talking about the recording of Pete’s new solo album “Flags From the Old Regime.” It’s being recorded in Hamburg, for whatever reason, and, for reasons that make no sense, it has to be a secret. Here’s what Pete had to say:  “I’ve got 10 tunes done now. There’s that one song ‘Down For The Outing’, which I’ve had for a while now, but it’s incredible – Johann’s made it sound like a brand new song… I don’t know what the deal is with EMI Publishing. I’ve been told not to tell anyone about the album, but I’m supposed to be someone who writes songs and makes records. Everybody thinks I’m up to no good here, but I’m not. It’s a really clean place and I’m just trying to move forward – that’s the truth.”

In addition, Carl Barat recently posted to Twitter to announce that the Libertines will hold a warm-up gig at Glasgow’s 2000-capacity Barrowland Ballroom. Quoth Carl Barat: “Dearest amigos, a warm up show at the @TheBarrowlands on the 29th June 2014 has been added for The Libertines. Tickets on sale soon.”

However, Carl Barat has his misgivings about the Hyde Park gig. Quoth Carl: “The idea of The Libertines at Hyde Park felt good. It could be the most boring show anyone’s ever seen. We could get bottled off. Or it could be breathtaking and everyone could lose their minds and their bowel control… If it reassures you, there is an immeasurable amount of anarchy behind the scenes.”

And now, the first look at the Libertines reunion:

The headline set will take place on the Saturday night of the festival (July 19) on a line-up which also includes Lily Allen, Example and Manic Street Preachers.The Benicàssim appearance will follow the band’s reunion show at this year’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, London, on July 5, which is the group’s first live performance since appearing at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2010.Prior to the announcement of their reunion and live plans, both Pete Doherty and Carl Barât said that the band will play warm-up gigs. Pete Doherty said: “There’ll be a warm-up, and there might be a free one for people who can’t get into Hyde Park, maybe.” There is also talk of the band playing new material.

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