Brit Music: Joss Stone murder plot trial begins

Joss Stone at the stand. The reality was probably less pastel.

Joss Stone at the stand. The reality was probably less pastel.

“Apart from someone (police) coming around to say someone is trying to kill me, it was a really nice day.” Although these words might seem to have come from an old Ealing comedy, maybe something starring Alec Guinness, these words really came from pop singer Joss Stone.

Folks, I owe a lot to Joss Stone. When I watched her performance at Live 8, I was shocked; she may have looked like just another teenaged pop princess, but she had the pipes of one of the great rock singers. The fact that she’s attractive really helped things. If I didn’t discover her, I probably would have totally lost faith in modern music. So, the knowledge of what happened almost happened to her  in June 2011 deeply disturbs me.

Two Mancunians were arrested in June 2011 with notes in their possession claiming they intended to decapitate Stone, steal her £9 million fortune, and dump her body in a river. They were discovered with katanas, rope, and a body bag. Fortunately, they were arrested before being able to make any significant move towards murder. Additional notes found on them indicate that this may have been a reaction to Joss Stone being invited to the Royal Wedding in May 2011.

After a false start last August, the trial finally started for real on March 18. The delay was in order to give the defense team more time to examine the evidence.

Soul singer Joss Stone revealed in court today that the first time she became aware of an alleged plot to kill her was when she was visited by the police.

The singer was giving evidence in the trial of Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw, who are charged with plotting to kill her in June 2011. The pair were arrested near her home in Devon after suspicious neighbours reported them to the police.

On Day 2 of the trial, Joss Stone herself testified. In addition to the remark I quoted above, she also said.  “I’ve lived in Devon for a long time and nobody really shuts their door. I didn’t really have a lock on my door… But I do now.” Let this be a lesson to you, readers. If you, in your pilgrimage to England, and you go pass through Devon, no matter what thoughts you may have, LEAVE JOSS STONE THE HELL ALONE! If you see her, do nothing to her that could scare away a particularly timid deer. If you don’t, you could end up having a bad experience with a bobby.

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