David Bowie teams up with Paul Smith for “Next Day” T-shirt

The T-shirt.

The T-shirt. Tell me if it’s worth the $145.

Hey, do you like David Bowie? Do you think it’s awesome that David’s finally come out of retirement to write what may be his most acclaimed album in decades? Don’t you wish you could get a T-shirt with the album’s cover art on it? Do you think $145  (£70) is a good price for a T-shirt? Are you sure of that? I mean, really sure? I say this because paying a fifth of the price may seem like nothing less than a pound of flesh for a damn T-shirt. Okay.

I ask this because David Bowie has teamed up with designer Paul Smith for a T-shirt to celebrate the release of “The Next Day.” The cotton T-shirt features the album cover of “The Next Day”, as designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, and as inspired by Bowie’s 1977 album Heroes, and is one of many collaborations between Bowie and Paul Smith planned for the coming year. In addition to the cover art, the shirt features the signature of designer, Paul Smith on the bottom right corner of the sleeve image.

Paul Smith told Vogue, “David Bowie has worn a lot of Paul Smith throughout his career and I was excited and delighted when asked if I would do the official T-shirt for his album, ‘The Next Day’. There will also be some other great things coming up later in the year.”

Unfortunately, the shirt, which is available now at Smith’s website, is priced at £70. $145 for Yanks. Perhaps the signature by the designer might be the only thing that could possibly justify the shirt’s price. It should be noted that, according to currency exchange site XE.com, £70 in American dollars is $104.60. The $40 additional mark-up for American consumers has not been explained.

“The Next Day” will be released on March 11, and is currently streaming online. Also, now, the videos for singles “Where are We Now,” and “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” featuring actress Tilda Swinton are available on YouTube. Hopefully, Bowie will authorise less expensive “Next Day” T-shirts someday.

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