Glastonbury 2013: The basics of what went down

Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.  Image comes from

Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.
Image comes from

Folks, I didn’t make it to Glastonbury. I’m kind of working on something important in Chicago, so there was no way I could go down there, and since there’s so many acts to talk about, and so little I can really add to the story, I will do something different and link to some NME pages that cover what went down at this year’s festival, day by day. If possible, I’ll add some more information on stories I’ve found out about.

What Happened on Friday

What Happened on Saturday

What Happened on Sunday.

Just for the record, I wrote an article about possible secret shows, and, as it turned out, Jonathan did not post it before the festival, and, so, now, it’s old news.  Although, it should be noted that Beady Eye actually did a secret show at Glastonbury and said that the festival was “back in the good books. I just had a bad experience but now it’s cool again. It’s always been cool, it’s just me. I’m full of it.” I’ll go into more detail in this month’s upcoming Liam Gallagher scandal sheet. Unfortunately, there were no special guests at the Stones’ set on Saturday.

Also, the official police stats for Glastonbury 2013 have revealed a considerable decline in criminal activities fro the last festival. There were only 150 arrests and 104 thefts from the tents. There were 177,000 people at Worthy Farm that year, giving a rate of 0.84 per 1000 people. Nothing to sneeze at.

At his usual Sunday morning press conference, Michael Eavis talked about the festival, including a confirmation that Prince Harry was there the previous day. He also told him that “he should go through the night, because the nightlife is really what Glastonbury is all about. At three in the afternoon, you won’t get it, will you? So I told him to get his taxi driver to come back at five in the morning and, you know what, he lasted until four in the morning, so he saw all the best stuff.  He had lots of mates with him and they were all having a good time I think. He didn’t want to make a formal thing of being here or anything. I didn’t have a drink with him because I don’t drink during the festival.”

On the Stones, he said that the 43-year wait to hire the Stones was worth it, saying that they were brilliant and that,  “The Stones were the best thing – it had to be, didn’t it, 43 years of me, 50 years of them, we finally come together and we’re on the same page at last. Mick Jagger’s energy, leading that band with such a passion and so much skill was absolutely amazing. Seeing him moving… I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m quite a bit older but I couldn’t go like that – and I can keep going, but not at that pace!”

He also talked about the mechanical phoenix that sprang during the headliners’ acts cost “more than I’d like to say.”

Finally, he said he had already booked the three headliners for 2014’s festival, but would only announce the names once tickets were on sale. So, presumably, we should know by October. He said picking headliners is difficult as “there aren’t many left… There were maybe a dozen headliner potentials so we’re running out of headliners but we’ve got the last three for next year”. When asked if any of those headliners are veterans in the league of the Stones, he said, “Ever so slightly, yeah.”

And, so, yeah, my coverage of the Glastonbury Festival is anti-climactic, but at least I’ve got something in.

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  1. avatar says

    Sorry about that Derek – juggling the two kids this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to login and hit publish. And as you said, by today it was outdated. Oh well.

  2. avatarDana says

    I watched almost all of Glasto on the various BBC channels this weekend (also tried the livestream but it had horrible buffering issues.) It was actually a very good year overall. The Stones were great, as were Mumford & Sons, but I would say the highlight of the weekend for me was Chase & Status, because their set had incredible production. Arctic Monkeys were also excellent, as were The xx last night. And there’s something special for a girl who lives in Nashville but wants to be at Glasto to see Kenny Rogers playing there.