John Lennon’s Tooth to go on tour for cancer awareness.

You thought you’ve seen all the odd Beatles memorabilia? How about one of John Lennon’s teeth? It’s going on tours of Dental Practices throughout England. If you want to know where the tooth is coming next, look no further than here.

How and when the tooth, a molar, was originally extracted is unknown. But apparently, Dot Jarlett, his former housekeeper was given the tooth sometime between 1964 and 1968. Why Lennon held on to the tooth for so long is unknown, but Jarlett gave the tooth to her Beatles fan daughter Dorothy, who kept the tooth for several decades, until she sold it for £19,000.

It was purchased in November of last year by author, dentist, and celebrity tooth collector (this is apparently a thing) Michael Zuk. Zuk had most of the tooth (a small part of the molar was given to his sister Kirsten, an artist, who used her portion of it in a clay model of Lennon displayed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) embedded in the necklace seen below.

I know you can’t see it from here, but it’s in there somewhere…

The Necklace (the imaginatively-named John Lennon Tooth Necklace) was made by Beverly Hills jewellery designer Ari Soffer (who has done similar necklaces for Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe and, in what may be the most they’ve cooperated since 1992, Axl Rose and Slash of Guns n Roses) and is valued at £15,600 ($25,000), and will be touring 16 dental practices for National Mouth Cancer Month,  which will include free mouth screenings, promotions and fundraising events at each of the dental practices. But for those of you who don’t necessarily care about that sort of thing, people can still be photographed wearing the necklace. There are no reports of fate being tempted, and the necklace being stolen yet.

Now, if only we could bring this tooth necklace to the other side of the pond.

UPDATE TO LAST POST: The day after my post about Lee Thompson’s missing saxophone, Madness confirmed that the saxophone had been recovered.

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  1. avatarDonna says

    I cannot imagine anyone holding on to an extracted tooth from ANYONE! Even if it was Lennon’s.(which I seriously doubt that!) How could it be proven after all this time? This is undoubtedly, someone who is just out for publicity and their 15 minutes of fame. It is ridiculous.